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Don't poke fun at me!!

November seems to be a month of progress with product and my vr. At the moment I'm playing with a few options in the rim department. Firstly, the Monzas (MK5 GTi rims) are currently sat in my buddy's garage, stripped and half sanded down waiting to be primed and rattle canned with some satin/matt black paint for some winter badass. Secondly, I got my hands on the 15" Revolution RFX rims, which I love But these are proving to give me a few problems. These are Audi fitment, 5x112, which aint a problem as I'm rolling adaptors anyways, but, they're 15x8 with some crazy low offset that I can't seem to find anywhere. What does this mean? Crazy poke, that's what that means!! I aint being defeated yet though. ideally I wanted to run some big rubber on em, 205/50s or something like that but I don't think they'll go in the arches, so, me and my boy Chris are looking into squeezing some 195/45s on there. Hopefully this won't mess the ride up or make the a…

More wallet progress!!

Ok, so round 2 on the wallet front.

I refined the template a little to make them more sturdy and easier to make, which means that they're quicker to make which then means I can eventually sell these for a good price instead of being too expensive. This time I did a tighter design with the rim graphic smaller, with more rims. I kinda like this although to make it work 100% I think I need to lose the black areas, you can see how well the design works inside the middle (opened up area) with just full linework coverage. I'm still working on getting these printed up, hand drawing them takes forever which is fine at prototype stage but the quicker I can sort out the printing the quicker I can get some finished artwork up here. I'm aiming to get these packed with a header card and pin badge for that bit of extra DubMissile flavour!!

Watch this space even more kids.

New rimz test fit.

Ok, so the Toyo R888s are pumped up to crazy hardness and are way fatter than regular 215s AND I won't even be rocking 215s anyway as they're way too wide for the arches, 205s all the way. All I need to do is decide whether to get 50 pro or 45 pro, just to be sure they fit under the arches. I knew they wouldn't fit but hey you gotta have a go right?

Once I get the right rubber on and set the ride height, should look pretty tidy for the next few months. S2s will be coming in for the winter for a spit and polish. Monzas are still getting blacked up but might never see daylight on the anaconda.

Should be a fun winter!

New stuff!!

I'm thinking up a bunch of new DubMissile sexy products to get out there as well as tees. Now I'm not talking boggo standard crap products that were cool ten years ago or crap stuff that everyone else does, nooooo, you guys need something cool right? So, I've been working on some wallets. The one shown here is an early prototype, hand made, as everything I do is, and the rim design is a bit big so that needs some tweaking. Also, these will be printed properly before I start to make from my template, as this stands I've hand drawn the design using Sharpies finest.

If you're thinking it looks like a piece of paper, then you're kinda right. It's made from a tough as nails material called Tyvek, the same stuff they make Dupont paint suits from (the white paper-esque ones). This stuff is water proof, it bends, twists, pulls, the stuff is pretty damn tough AND as you can see is super thin. They're cut and made in a way that only needs two points of gluing, the…


There's a new (ish) club in town who call themselves 'Unphased'. They seem like a good bunch and not too 'phased' by some of the bullshit that goes on in the scene, which is why when Adam asked me to come up with something for them I was more than happy to help. Now I'm trying to get into the habit of posting regularly again on here to keep things interesting and this is very much a work in progress, so the graphic here may completely change before you see them all running around looking super baddass in some cool club threads. They love the hoops design I did and wanted to have some of that going on, plus they have a number plate style logo tee at the moment, so I incorporated the two ideas to come up with what you see here. Nice and simple but with a little bit of something going on.

Anyways, watch this space, see some changes happen before your very eyes like magic and enjoy.

GET IN!!!!!

Well the main man Lewis Hamilton was on the better end of some luck today by snatching the F1 championship today from Felipe Massa. Last year he lost out by one point, this year he won by one point. Poetic huh? It's only the 2nd year I've been into F1, my pal got me into it and yes, I gotta admit Lewis makes following it a little more fun. I used to find it dull as mud but now I kinda like all the tactics involved.

So, big up Lewis and stick two fingers up to all the haters. It looks like no matter how much Ferrari try to corrupt things it all boils down to the man behind the wheel.

Next year he'll wrap it up before the last race, no matter how much Ferrari and Ecclestone's bent crew try to drag things out.

Pic courtesy of (not that I asked em for it).

Woods Creative Media blog.

Well things are moving along ok in the new business, done some good work and landed some good clients, which kinda helps. If you're interested in reading about any of this caper then check out my new Woods Creative Media blog. Same kinda thing as this really, i'll be posting progress in the business, any design related stuff I think is worthy of being posted and any general bits of info that i think are interesting.

Check it: "woodscreativemedia blog"

Wooaaa, has it been that long?

Hello, yes, I am still alive, just been uber busy getting my business up and running and working my lilly white ass off, but everything will be just fine, honest.

I got some plans for the missile with the way it works. The thing is, each tee is made as per order and I've kinda realised that I'm not offering much of a custom service, so, the plan is to have a selection of different coloured tees to choose from, with a selection of colours for the prints too. That way, if you have a red mk1 and you like yellow tees, you can have a red print on a yellow tee. Simple eh?

Anyway, I've pulled the shop down for now while I get everything order, I don't wanna be taking orders when I'm too busy to sort my shiz out. If you have any suggestions feel free to fire me an email, it's good to talk.


Woods Creative ftw!

Ok, so, things are moving on my business set-up life. Firstly I've pretty much secured a contract with work so that when i leave, I'll have a 12 month retainer which is sweet. Not many businesses get the chance of guaranteed work before they even get going, unless you're awesome at what you do, which I'd like to think I am ;-D. This makes the whole business plan and forecast piece a bit more juicy and interesting for the bank manager.

The hardest part for designers is actually coming up with your own name and brand identity. Now I love logo design, pretty much my favourite bit of graphic design for me, I actually get excited over sweet logos, but that's a whole other conversation to be had on my design blog...when i set it up. Name wise I'm settling on Woods Creative, it's my name and is pretty safe but has loads of scope for some cool touchy feeley styling. I love old fashioned print techniques, stamps, screen prints, letterpress...etc so my logo will be a …

Things are looking gooooood!!

Well, I was gonna set up a separate blog to kinda document the set-up of my business but been too busy to sort it out, so, I'll be posting up some progress on here. I know it aint new tees but at least it gives you regular vistors something new to read seeing as I'm such an exciting guy!!

Anyways, one really awesome thing is a potential contract with my current place of work which takes a huge amount of money making stress off my shoulders. The money needs a few tweaks but once we come to a nice mid ground then we can hit the big 'GO' button. Had a meeting with an accountant today too which was a good eye opener and I learned quite a bit which has taken some of the stress out of building a business plan, I'm starting to get into it now. I just need to bloody settle on a company name now and get my design style nailed.

Them I need to buy some new mac kit....good times!!!

Stress takin' it's toll.

Jeeez, it's half way through July and I aint even posted anything this month, not even another lame promise of new designs.

Well, some stressful news but really awesome news in the longterm...I'm leaving work to set up my own design business. Why? Well, I've been working at my place for nearly 10 years and think its about time I branched out, did some different things and made money for myself and if everything goes to plan then I'll be laughing. So, I've been a little distracted the last couple of months with figuring business shit out and trying to get my head round what my business plans are actually gonna be. Once this is sorted I'll have the time I need to put more effort into my design projects, the Missile being one of them so please be patient and save some pennies because you'll find that one day not much has changed, then the next there'll be shit loads of stuff to go at.

Wish me luck and keep you eyes peeled for new stuff very, very soon and ch…

Old School rules!!

It's been out of the frame for a while but the Unity Media crew have resurrected a legend!! Retro Cars is an awesome mag for anyone who digs old school rides from all marques. Everyone loves some retro love so this is well worth a peek.

PLUS, they obviously have impeccable taste and gave me, the DubMissile, half a page in the news/new stuff bit which is AWESOME!!

Thanks guys, looks like another bunch of reprobates I'll be sending some stuff too very soon!!

I've also taken the week off work to play catch up with some stuff, which includes a couple of new designs I just haven't had the time to finish off...or even start in some cases.

Back on track very shortly!!

Lady's first.

Well, my lovely girl has proven that all her hard work at Uni has payed off. She got a nice little letter from Bolton University the other day saying something along the lines of...Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Textile and Pattern Design with FIRST CLASS HONOURS!! So I'm shamelessly taking this chance to say a big well done for kicking ass, staying with it and fighting through all the stress and confusion.

She's also set up her own blog site traceylovespattern to chart her progress from now onwards. You can check it out and see her awesome Uni work.

Love you angel x

Been waaaaaay too long!

So I haven't posted for a while due to being a busy mo'fo at work and at home but it all seems to be just about out of sight. I can now jump back onto some new tee designs I've been promising for the last month and get you guys dressed up like the kings and queens that you are.

Did I say queens? Does that imply girls tees? Indeed it does my friends, I'll be sorting out the chick contingent with some girls options too. These will be mainly the same designs, plus, some quirky designs like on some of my pin badges which suit girls tees really well. Skinny fit tees in pinks and whites (I know, bit typical but still cool).

PLUS, I may be offering up some different colour blanks as options too for boys and girls. All pale colours but still, more options.

Right, I suppose I'd better crack on then.


Go East!!

Well it'll be a long ass day but I'm getting to go to Moscow and watch United whupp Chelsea's asses on Wednesday.

Perks of the job eh.

I know, it's awesome aint it.

Out they go!!

Nobody hooked up at all types so all tees have gone out today so you all get the new tee batch which are better quality than the previous ones.

Last lot were good but these are a better feel.

Working on some colourways and costs to get multiple ones done rather than hand printing each tee.

All Types show this weekend.

Ok guys, I've been having a nightmare with my tee supplier the past week and a bit. They'd sent me tees with ground in dirt marks, plus they were late.

I've now changed my supplier to better quality, better shape and whiter looking tees so you get a better product for your cash.

So, apologies for any recent delays and thanks for being patient.

I'll be at the All Types show this weekend with all the recent orders, so, if you're there come and find me and I'll hook you up.

I'll be dishing out some badge packs to anyone that picks them up to make up for your postage cost, only fair right?

Thanks guys, the road to awesomeness can be a bit tricky but we;ll get there.

DubMissile on Flickr.

Well, there aint anything on there yet but the aim is to showcase my tees worn by a bunch of people, mainly at shows. So look out I might be stalking around taking pics soon. Suppose I'd better get a camera now.

If you're on Flickr then search for me (DubMissile) and add me as your pal, share some pics and you have any pics of yourself or others wearing my gear then get em up there!!

Let's be friends!

DubMissile car boot sale is on!!

Ok guys, I've had a look at what misprints and stuff I have, some are pretty much fine expect for the rear logo being a bit faded, others have slightly faded front prints but all in all not bad for the money.

So, best and fairest way to do this is first come first served on here, in this post in the comments box, that way we can see who asked for what first. Sound fair?

All tees are £8 DELIVERED!! And the ones that don't have neck labels in, will have when I send em out BUT there won't be any swing tags and pin badges with em I'm afraid.

So, here's what I got at the moment:

1976 year of the rabbit: 2x small, 2x medium.
Slow and low: 1x small (this is a good one by the way).
Wagon: 2x medium.
2nd coming: 1x medium, 2x XL.

Of course if anyone overseas want these we'll have to add another few pounds on top for the postage but still a bargain.

Random amazing-ness!!

So, I'm working away today and I look out the window. Hmmm, that's an expensive Rolls Royce I say, a few of us start to look outside wondering who's it is then BAMMMM!! Out pops Jimmy Saville!! Not sure the international viewers on here will know much about him but he's a kitsch legend from us thirty something's childhoods and did a TV show called Jim'll Fix It back in the 80's.Aanyway, that aside, I couldn't let him hang around without getting a pic now could I?

Now then now then, here he is boys and girls, jewellery jewellery!!


PVW come through again!!

Bit late with the post on this I'm afraid, sorry guys, since my phone bust I lost pics and I've been a bit busy to sort out more snaps. But my new phone is in the house and mobile shit pic technology is now in full force.

Right, so, not only is this issue awesome, with some seriously sick rides but I got me a full page ad/competition in there now!!

There are a few different colour tees in the competition, which I don't sell on here yet but by the time the competition results are announced there will be more options available.

Cheers guys!!

Good luck!!

DubMissile car boot sale!?

Ok guys, not sure if everyone likes this as an idea but...

All the tees are hand done, initially hand drawn designs, hand stitched labels, hand cut transfers and hand printed so there tends to be a few mistakes here and there when getting things right. I have a bunch of tees that haven't printed perfectly that are a bit light in some places, have gone distressed a bit or whatever. So, I was gonna get a list of what I have and sell em off at a discounted rate, saves them sitting there doing nothing. Some will be better than others, some may even be fine but a practice run of a certain style/colour tee that I aint happy with, but still a bargain nonetheless.

So, carboot sale stuff, £8 delivered sound good?

Gimme some feedback and I'll see what I got.

New tees up!!

Right then, 2 new designs are up and running, they took a while seeing as the vr6 lump tee has been in PVW for about a week. Anyways, the lump tee took me bloody ages to draw up, all line art done by hand based on a cut away airbrushed diagram that has been around for a while. Looks pretty cool as line art if I do say so myself.

The rado tee is one of my current favourites at the mo, really simple and bold to sit with the rest of the range but kinda jumps out at you.

Hope you dig em, if you do, feel free to stroll over to the shop and blow some of your hard earned.

Next up, rocco, polo and a bit of a mixed bag tee which is gonna look awesome. Watch this space kids.

Ship em out!!

Had more updates to put up this weekend but my bastard phone bust on me which meant I lost some pics I took for you guys. Sony Ericsson need to step up their game. SO, these updates will follow shortly.

Good news though, got my new transfer papers last week so all you guys waiting for some awesomeness in the post need wait no more, they're out there in the arms of mr delivery man, wingin their way to your doors.


Crappy service provider email crap!!

Ok guys, I'm having some problems with my service provider for which means I can't access my email addy. Bastard arseholes!! I'm working on getting the account migrated over to somewhere else that is easier to use and actually works as it should, but for now if you wanna say howdy, questions something, give input or complain then email me here:

I'll get this sorted asap so we can all feel special again.

Thanks guys.

Hmm, front or back?

I hate this, having to make decisions really sucks sometimes. I've done a sweet lil' Rado tee for the coupé lovers out there but to be honest, I'm a bit stuck choosing between the two designs. They're essentially the same but with a different angle drawing on there. Should I go frontside, backside or should I do both?

Answers on a postcard to.....


I've been hooking up with my bretheren Fletch a lot recently to chat about stuff and sort him out with some missile shiz (see grenade below) and something we decided to do was sort him out with a blog. This way he can keep everyone up to date with what goes on in the mega world of the talent that is Fletch. His music rocks, if you're into a serious mix of everything hip hop then you'll really dig his steez.

The blog is a bit bare at the mo as we only got it reet today but have a look and boost the hit count, maybe he'll get as many as me one day!! BUWAAAHHH HAAA!!


Mr. Fletcher to you.

Been a while this one but my good buddy Fletch, hip hop meister extraordinairre (see links in the buddys list) is a patient man and now, he has a lil' DubMissile love. Based on one of his awesome tracks 'Take a Risk' I created a little logo-esque graphic to throw around as he pleases. There are a couple of tweaks to sort out but expect to hear heaps from Fletch this year and there may even be some DubMissile/Fletch merchandise in the pipeline. Give him a listen, properly talented guy.

Doing this graphic inspired me into a new tee design too so in the next couple of weeks (gonna take a while this one) expect a sick tee with more dubs than you can shake a stick at and some cool drippy paint style goin on. The Rocco and Rado individual ones will be here first though to join the current range.

Busy, busy, busy.


Sorry, couldn't resist this one. As a designer I'm always looking at stuff that turns me on from a visual perspective and I love logos and packaging. Now, the other week me and the girl were in Hobby Craft in Bolton looking for some craftyness and I came (sorry) across this AWESOME packaging for pencil sharpeners.

Childish? Yes. Brilliant? Yes!

Who says the Germans don't have a sense of humour.

Heavyweight contender.

Another addition to the DubMissile family is the mk3 heavyweight tee. Pic is a bit crappy but the design is reet so go vist the shop and make yourself look nice for the ladies.

Also, the Six Shooter detail is a small back neck print for the back of any tee if your ride is vr powered. So, got a mk2? Then buy a 2nd coming tee and if your mk2 has 6 dirty pots under the bonnet then add the six shooter to your tee to be that extra bit special.

Planning on doing a few more extra graphics for different lumps so you can customize your tee a bit.

Right, gotta finish the Rocco and Rado tees now.

Later y'all!!


Well it's the Tuesday after the Easter weekend before and I've got that Monday feeling, does that make sense?

Anyways, for all you patient guys out there you'll be happy to know your tees are now in the post, direct to your door via Missile Mail™, plus the lil' badges I promised. Any comments when they arrive fell free to post up here, if you don't have a google mail account don't worry because you can post up anonymously and sign it with your name.




What can I say guys, I'm overwhelmed by the positive feedback from everyone that's been in touch. I think the PVW snippet has done its job pretty well as I've had quite a few orders up to now. I'll be sorting out all the tees this weekend so don't panic, I haven't done a runner with your hard earned, I picked the newly repaired vr today so I'm fully mobile again. Expect a little something extra in your package for the delay.

Thanks to PVW for the feature again, expect more of that in the near future, all going well, I'm also looking to run a competition with them at some point so keep your peelers, er, peeled.

Cars. Love em, or hate em.

Ok, so, we all love our rides right? I mean, we spend whatever cash we can scrape together to make em look pretty, or go faster or whatever and we spend whatever spare time we have either cleaning em or showing off to our fellow junkies. But I tell ya, just wanna get a piece of pipe and...anyway, I'll calm down and fill y'all in on my weekend of woes.

If I'm honest, I'm not big into spending hours washing and waxing my ride, I know she looks awesome for it and she appreciates it but I've got loads of other stuff that I can be doing really, especially with the tee shirts starting to take off. So, when I do give her a good once over it's usually a quick hour or so with the sponge and in summer I'll hook her up with some chamois action if she's lucky. This weekend I decided, after dropping my girl off at work at 7am I'd get to work, give her a good hosing (not my girl), a good shampoo and do the whole car from top to bottom in sections …

Ultimate Dubs 08

So, Ultimate Dubs weekend has just been and gone and I gotta say it was a proper awesome show. I think I might actually look into getting a decent camera and learn some shooting skills because there were some seeeeerious rides there. Not fully my bag the whole über polish clean scene, never really found the time to spend hours and hours cleaning my wheels but fair play to the soldiers out there that do, gives us all some ideas and I respect the work that goes into it all. I took a few snaps with the trusty ericsson, pretty shite really but I had to get some snaps. We had a riot going down, Tom found a bargain vr6 synchro (left hooker) which is a bit rough around the edges but man was it badass, as was the young lads crazy ass driving tricks. I hung out the window my pals S3 at high speed taking photos...most of which were pretty crap so we swapped over and I had a rip in the vag speed machine, which was super class but lacked the raw awesomeness of the vr. Have a look at some of the p…

Right then!!

I've managed to set up the mini store now (in the menu to the right) which is über easy to use. Just click on the tee that tickles your fancy, select a size and how many you want then add to the cart. Once you're done just check-out and as long as you have a paypal account, life is just sweet for everyone. The designs in progress now show finished printed versions rather than the illis so check em out before you order to see what the full thing looks like.

Now, unfortunately you can't have multiple shipping costs yet, so for now it only works for UK customers. If you live in a far away land then the best thing to do is email me at this address ( with details of which tees you like, how many and what sizes plus your address and I'll get back to you asap with shipping costs.

The tees are all in white at the mo as I'm still playing with some colour options and not all the tees I've played with print as well as I'd like. Everyone digs a whit…

Mini-store awesomeness!!

Busy ass week at work, at home and at Missile Command hence the lack of pics, but that my friends is about to change. I've nailed the print side of things now so as of this weekend I am open for business! I'm gonna be getting my girl to take some snaps of me wearing the various tees and post them all up here, update the designs menu AND you may notice I've been having a bit of a play with the awesome PayPal Labs storefront widget. This has pretty much answered ALL my worries about actually selling via the blog without it being huge pain in the ass emailing back and forth details, so, after a few tweaks this weekend the store should be fully functioning and you can hook yourself up with the first range of DubMissile threads.

Once sorted I'm gonna hit the dub forums with a launch message and will hopefully get some interest. I'm also aiming to take a bag full of tees to Ultimate Dubs with me a week on Sunday so expect a pre UD heads up.

There may also be some exposure …

Good times!!

Printed 5 designs today and they came out great!! I gave em a wash test earlier and no dramas so will post up some awesome shots tomorrow of em. Then......we have lift off my friends!!

As they say, teetering on the edge of niceness!!

2 more tee designs!!

Ok guys and gals, I got a couple more tee designs done and dusted and have added them to the 'designs in progress' bit in the menu to the right. The 'slow & low' tee is for all you teeny lupo fans and the '2nd coming' is a lil number I've done for the mk2 heroes out there.

Over the next few days I'm gonna be printing up some samples and taking some shots of them to put up on here so you can see what you'll eventually be buying. I'll update each link in the designs section as 'stuff to buy' with full details of tee sizes, colours and how you can order them very soon.

I'm currently working on a military themed mk3 tee and a caddy too so watch this space kids.

Niceness is just around the corner!

Check em out!

Ok, I've had a few meithers about people not being arsed to mooch through the blog posts to find the design work I've been doing (which is fair enough really), so I've added a 'designs in progress' section in the menu on the right. The top few designs are the basic black and whites for the DubMissile designs I'm working on getting sorted for you guys to buy and strut around in like kings and queens.

Any questions email my ass:

It's on!!

Right then, I'm all super excited now. The big delay for me has been figuring out the best way to print up my tees so that I can do them made to orderrather than sitting on stockpiles of tees I can't shift and end up having to charge the earth per tee. Well, last night I test printed one of my tees (the 1976 graphic) on one of my cool ass olive distressed tees and it worked out a lot better than i thought, so now I can go full steam ahead!! This also means that I can supply the tees, with sew-in labels, swing tag, pin badge and bagged for £15 (plus delivery) which is pretty damn good value if you ask me.

I'll post up a pic tonight of the test tee and PLEASE let me know what you think. The sample I've made won't be available though, the olive tee is gonna have a different design on it (a military themed one), the 1976 graphic will more than likely be going on a white tee.

Niceness is just around the corner!!

Chris strikes again!

Well, the anaconda got an overhaul today by the mighty Chris and it aint that I'm clueless but when someone with awesome skills kicks ass in front of you, the best thing I find is just sit back and enjoy the show! I had a bit of a list for the man and he blasted his way through it in no time, oil change, filter change, new front pads, new front discs, new plugs (with no plug tool) and new leads plus a couple of other things. Now, I know I aint alone when I say this but as soon as you mention things like 'this is going really well', 'I can't believe how quick we did that' or 'should only be another half hour or so' you know you've just owned yourself. All that needed sorting was the rear discs/pads and bearings and from what we could gather, super easy. Now this would be super easy if one of your abs baskets wasn't busted or your caliper carrier bolts weren't seized and rounded, which mine were PLUS this was only found out after we'd sort…

Love your mk3?

This post has been a long time coming actually so my apologies to the main man Mike at Subtile blog. He's taken the leap and done something awesome for us mk3 lovers and created a mk3 based community. The site is in it's infancy but when you get on there you'll see just how many memebers he's managed to rustle up in a very short space of time. The forum is well worth a visit as all the members are very cool, down to earth guys and gals with no fronts. This site is also a mega resource for us UK guys as I always love seeing what are American bretheren are up to.

Sign up, log in and enjoy yourselves.


Sew hard

I know, another terrible bit of word association, thing is I'm sitting here watching biker build off and cage rage with a few vodkas and remembered I had this to show you. The whole DubMissile thing is to be designed, printed, put together, funded and marketed entirely by myself, which gets tricky when you have a bunch of labels that need sewing into t-shirts and have never used a sewing machine before. Luckily for me my girl has done fashion in the past so knows how to roll with a sewing machine, so the lessons began the other night and I never thought it'd be so damn hard to sew a small square label into a tee. Anyhow, I'm getting there so when the first batch is printed up I'll have labels sewn in which won't look like a blind pissed guy with no arms has done it.

I'm no doctor but you can trust me.

Some funny shit!

Ok, so mooching around the car forums today and stumbled across this and it cracked me up. At first I thought it was a viral campaign for Diesel or some fashion label like that but the styling is too obvioulsy shit to be Diesel, who would probably do a well styled version. The vids are hilarious and is just plain awesome!

pro-street Romania

Still can't figure out who did it but it looks like some kinda piss take out of Need For Speed Pro Street, if it's a campaign it would have been awesome if they did different locale versions.

Enjoy some true pro-street action!! These guys roll HARD!! Reminds me of Hag Fold, where I grew up in Athy.

Tic Toc...

Right then, new year and new drive. I've decided to give myself a target now to be established by and putting it in writing kinda makes you work for it harder. The first major Dub show is Ultimate Dubs in March which is a large indoor arena with a good selection of awesome rides. So, my aim leading up to then is to show off more designs here then have it all in place properly by then. So, watch out for me at UD coz I'll be wearing some cool ass tee and giving out cool ass badges to make you kids buy.

It's on!!

Happy New Year!!

Ok, a few days late on this one but I've got the 'back to work blues'. So New Years Eve was a blinding night, my younger brother (dressed as Michael Jackson in Thriller) and his fiancée Kate (dressed in an 80's flashdance stylee) held an 80's themed fancy dress party at their new home, which was fucking awesome!! really cool night, all the guys and girls turned up in dress and had a blast, I especially enjoyed sucking the punch from the brightly lit up punch fountain with a flourescent straw.

Click the pic to see a selection of snaps of us having a ball. Oh, I'm Batman by the way and my fiancée is my very own Wonder Woman. Sweet!!

Big thanks for everyone for making the effort and special props to my best bud Ben who kicked everyone's asses with his B.A. Barracus get up.

New Year, big things on the horizon!!