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Doin' more werk

Kinda got Into the swing of getting shit done so here are a few more snaps of things getting done. I finished up the wing mirrors today, pain in the arse opening up the door skins a bit to get em off but worth it. Also though I'd attack some I'd the rot she's developed over the past year of neglect before it takes over like on my arches. Sills started to rot a bit where the door seals join but kicking their ass with some 140 grade, Hammerite's finest (Kurust) then temp coating with PlastiDip seems to have worked wonders.

Have a looky cuz there's a lot more to come over the next few weeks.

Doin' werk

The sun has started to shine which means we got dry times to do werk. Been gathering bits and pieces over the past few months to rebuild the VR to some state of shiny awesomeness. First on the agenda is the small stuff, PlastiDip has been introduced to some body parts and it's all starting to come together.

My heavily stone chipped and battered grille was first up, along with the original chrome grille badge. Gave the grille a bit of sanding and hit it hard with the Dip. Then I popped my Kamei ducts out, gave them a bit of love with the 400 and 1200 grade and some Dip. Finally the wing mirrors have taken a beating and look shit, sanded and punished them with the D I P. This shit is awesome, for those not in the know, PlastiDip is a rubberised spray paint, to put it simply. My boy @flip316 put me onto it and it answered all my prayers. It looks Matt black with a textured finish and literally peels off if you ain't happy.

Got a few more plans for this but for now, this is…

Glass jaw

Like a nice bit of good honest UK hip hop? So do I and I'm real lucky to have developed a good friendship over the last few years with a very special dude and his crew. Mr Fletcher and his boys, AKA The Sixth Letter effortlessly and passionately dish out a serving of original and epic tracks that make you smile and bob your head like a nutjob on day release.

They recently played at the Star and Garter in Burton, about 90 miles from us and we decided to 'take a risk' and hot foot it down there straight after work. After years of promising to go see them the surprise was a good one but soooooo worth the effort. These guys totally rocked the places foundations and blew the fucking roof off the building, not literally of course but not far off.

We love going to gigs, that's kinda our thing ( me and my wife @ollierocks that is ) but going to see someone you care about and see just how amazing they are over and above your expectation is something you can't even touch.


The Beastie Boooooooooooys they got it goin' on...

Oh my god. Holy shit. The BBoys have had a rough year and a half with MCA [ aka Adam Yauch ] having some throat cancer deal which has been a huge blow to the magic 3. By all accounts he's doing well and they're back on the horse spitting out some INSANE killer licks to get over, what I thought, was an average last album.

Make Some Noise is their latest track from their new album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, which they've put out on their site after some leaking action.

It's the boys right back at their best with what could ultimately be their last album, depending on health and stuff.

Have a listen...then listen, laugh, smile some more and bob your head. This shit is STELLAR!!

Make Some Noise!!

Latest project done!!

Here we go kids. I've been working with El from PVW and Wheel Whores fame to design a special edition Wheel Whores tee based on my Holy Hoops design. After some tweaks and hand drawing a tasty Rotiform BLQ to replace the Keskin faker I had in the original, they've now got a shiny new black and gold tee of their very own.

These guys are awesome and if you've never heard of them or visited their site you're basically rocking the opposite status to Charley Sheen. For everything you need to know about hoops, ETs, poke, tuck, stance, camberz...and so on, #getfamiliar.

Always good working with El and keep your eyes peeled for these on the mean streets near you and any big shows where they'll have a stand for sure. If you can't wait that long, check out the Wheel Whores revamped website and all their sweet gear in the Knocking Shop.

More collaborations with these guys on their way for '11.


Few mini meet snaps

Well we had us a mini meet the other night in Walden in a sick car park. Wish I had a camera instead my shitty iPhone but here are a few sneaky pics I took using some clever Instagram shit to make em look unusable and moody. When the VR is all sorted out gonna go back here and take some proper pics. Great vibe.

New arrival

Here's our baby girl, Sienna. Ain't she awesome? We have a British shorthair blue colourpoint, Ollie, who lives with my mother in law. We took him to the vets for his boosters and all that jazz. The vet showed us Sienna who was taken in because her owners wanted to breed her (they're worth monies) but she didn't get along with pregnancy so they pretty much tossed her out. Heartless dicks. We gave it the full she's amazing...can't believe they chucked her...we'd have her if she can't be rehomed...etc. One thing lead to another and we came home with a boosted cat an a new baby tiger.

She's amazing, a serious handful and cool as shit.