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New Store.

Well looks like I better get these tees printed asap as the store has already had a few curious visitors, thanks for the peeking guys, there are plenty changes to make yet and I'll be sorting out existing tee designs this coming week. All going to plan there'll be some buyables up there by next weekend.

The rim badge packs are pretty cool if I do say so myself...gotta collect em all!!!! Roflflflflflllolololozzzzzzer!!!!11111111

Big thanks to Kris too for being my guinea pig and buying his tee from the store, just to check it all works sweetly...which it does. Your tee will be winging its way early in the week brother!

Missile burner ignition imminent!!

16x9 envy.

Bit delayed this one but seeing as I haven't posted any pics for a good while I thought I'd whack these up of my boy Chris' hard work. This is his mk3 tdi dirty dieseasel mobile which he's spent some time and effort attacking it with his ghetto engineering stick. Thing is, it looks sick but I'm kinda jealous because, being a VR owner means wide track, which also means 16x9's up front aren't really gonna work out.

So enjoy these two lonely snaps of his ghetto derv machine (first by Jez second by Chris Walker). I really need to take some pics of mine too now I have some 15x8s strapped on with looooow et. Poke? Yep. Awesome? Of course.

Missile locked and loaded.

So, as you can see, I've revamped the main blog site a bit. Made the text a little bigger so it doesn't look lost and added some neat new header dividers which took me an age to play around with the html to figure it all out (I aint a coder). It looks a bit more complete now and solid, everything was kind floating around before which didn't work. I may have cluttered up a bit so there may be some font sizing to address, but, for now I like it a lot more than before. The DubMissile tab in the header is now active so you can use that to go 'home' from anywhere on the blog.

I'm also a Twitter saddo now too, got an account for my graphic design side of things Here so you can follow me if you like, plus, I've set up a Twitter account for DubMissile, to keep it all separate. You can follow that Here or check out the Twitter update thing in the right hand menu where you can click to follow.

So, new shop, restyled blog and Twitter. Time to concentrate on them designs…

Shop progress.

Quick update to show y'all I'm actually moving forwards. Here's the initial look of the new DubMissile online shop. There are only 3 products on at the moment, none for sale as I'll be updating these too and getting some new snaps of the new tees done so it all looks sexy. This is gonna be awesome as you can now select the different postage costs for UK or International so no need for messing about. I'll be upgrading my account once I've nailed it down as I can add a ton of product and add some more creative input to the template.

Progress my dear friends is being last!!

Check it out: DubMissile Shop.

New shop on its way!!

Ok, so the paypal storefront I had a while ago was pretty cool. problem with that was it slowed everything up and was a bit of a pain in the ass to do stuff with. So, I've created a new store at big cartel who provide a really nice service. I'll be working on that, cutomizing it all to make it look nice then add product pics and prices so you kids and go wild and buy stuff from me.

All going well this should make life easier all round.

Good times.

It's cooooooming!!

There'll be a few changes around here over the next week or so as I have finally managed to jump back on the DubMissile wagon. So, after all my 'watch this space' and 'coming soon' messages there may actually be some progress being made. At last!!

I've got some big plans for the next few months, gonna finish up my new designs, bin some of the ones I currently have and replace them with newer and more 'worked' designs but none of this stock vector art slapping everywhere crap that everyone does. I'll also be launching a range of rim pin badges too, there are about 26 up to now, different colours with line work of your favourites rims. Collect em all!!!! Plus I think I've nailed the Tyvek paper wallets too so they'll be looking sweet sooner rather than later. I'll also be looking into a separate online shop with bigcartel or someone like that to make it super easy to sort out sales and stock. The paypal mini shop was cool but too laggy and …