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Don't poke fun at me!!

November seems to be a month of progress with product and my vr. At the moment I'm playing with a few options in the rim department. Firstly, the Monzas (MK5 GTi rims) are currently sat in my buddy's garage, stripped and half sanded down waiting to be primed and rattle canned with some satin/matt black paint for some winter badass. Secondly, I got my hands on the 15" Revolution RFX rims, which I love But these are proving to give me a few problems. These are Audi fitment, 5x112, which aint a problem as I'm rolling adaptors anyways, but, they're 15x8 with some crazy low offset that I can't seem to find anywhere. What does this mean? Crazy poke, that's what that means!! I aint being defeated yet though. ideally I wanted to run some big rubber on em, 205/50s or something like that but I don't think they'll go in the arches, so, me and my boy Chris are looking into squeezing some 195/45s on there. Hopefully this won't mess the ride up or make the a…

More wallet progress!!

Ok, so round 2 on the wallet front.

I refined the template a little to make them more sturdy and easier to make, which means that they're quicker to make which then means I can eventually sell these for a good price instead of being too expensive. This time I did a tighter design with the rim graphic smaller, with more rims. I kinda like this although to make it work 100% I think I need to lose the black areas, you can see how well the design works inside the middle (opened up area) with just full linework coverage. I'm still working on getting these printed up, hand drawing them takes forever which is fine at prototype stage but the quicker I can sort out the printing the quicker I can get some finished artwork up here. I'm aiming to get these packed with a header card and pin badge for that bit of extra DubMissile flavour!!

Watch this space even more kids.

New rimz test fit.

Ok, so the Toyo R888s are pumped up to crazy hardness and are way fatter than regular 215s AND I won't even be rocking 215s anyway as they're way too wide for the arches, 205s all the way. All I need to do is decide whether to get 50 pro or 45 pro, just to be sure they fit under the arches. I knew they wouldn't fit but hey you gotta have a go right?

Once I get the right rubber on and set the ride height, should look pretty tidy for the next few months. S2s will be coming in for the winter for a spit and polish. Monzas are still getting blacked up but might never see daylight on the anaconda.

Should be a fun winter!

New stuff!!

I'm thinking up a bunch of new DubMissile sexy products to get out there as well as tees. Now I'm not talking boggo standard crap products that were cool ten years ago or crap stuff that everyone else does, nooooo, you guys need something cool right? So, I've been working on some wallets. The one shown here is an early prototype, hand made, as everything I do is, and the rim design is a bit big so that needs some tweaking. Also, these will be printed properly before I start to make from my template, as this stands I've hand drawn the design using Sharpies finest.

If you're thinking it looks like a piece of paper, then you're kinda right. It's made from a tough as nails material called Tyvek, the same stuff they make Dupont paint suits from (the white paper-esque ones). This stuff is water proof, it bends, twists, pulls, the stuff is pretty damn tough AND as you can see is super thin. They're cut and made in a way that only needs two points of gluing, the…


There's a new (ish) club in town who call themselves 'Unphased'. They seem like a good bunch and not too 'phased' by some of the bullshit that goes on in the scene, which is why when Adam asked me to come up with something for them I was more than happy to help. Now I'm trying to get into the habit of posting regularly again on here to keep things interesting and this is very much a work in progress, so the graphic here may completely change before you see them all running around looking super baddass in some cool club threads. They love the hoops design I did and wanted to have some of that going on, plus they have a number plate style logo tee at the moment, so I incorporated the two ideas to come up with what you see here. Nice and simple but with a little bit of something going on.

Anyways, watch this space, see some changes happen before your very eyes like magic and enjoy.

GET IN!!!!!

Well the main man Lewis Hamilton was on the better end of some luck today by snatching the F1 championship today from Felipe Massa. Last year he lost out by one point, this year he won by one point. Poetic huh? It's only the 2nd year I've been into F1, my pal got me into it and yes, I gotta admit Lewis makes following it a little more fun. I used to find it dull as mud but now I kinda like all the tactics involved.

So, big up Lewis and stick two fingers up to all the haters. It looks like no matter how much Ferrari try to corrupt things it all boils down to the man behind the wheel.

Next year he'll wrap it up before the last race, no matter how much Ferrari and Ecclestone's bent crew try to drag things out.

Pic courtesy of (not that I asked em for it).