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Some of you may or may not know about the Un-Phased lads or the Vag-H20 punks. To put it simply they're just a decent bunch of Northern guys, having some fun and building some nice looking rides between em, which is nice. They make a ton of effort and are always up for a chat and a laugh, no strings, no agendas, which is a nice change.

So, my main man Rick (with the rapid blue 20vt caddy) looks after their collaborative site Un-H20 and has a bit of fun with it and think he's a designer (you know I'm only f'king with ya ya really man).

Glad to see more and more dubbers getting into blogging now, they're a proper good tool for showing off what you're doing and quicker to update than a full blown website, plus, there are so many free tools out there to set one up I think all dub clubs should have one.

Anyhow, swing by, say hello and the Un-Phased meets are every last Thursday of the month at the Boatyard pub just off the M65. Check em out on Facebook for …