Some of you may or may not know about the Un-Phased lads or the Vag-H20 punks. To put it simply they're just a decent bunch of Northern guys, having some fun and building some nice looking rides between em, which is nice. They make a ton of effort and are always up for a chat and a laugh, no strings, no agendas, which is a nice change.

So, my main man Rick (with the rapid blue 20vt caddy) looks after their collaborative site Un-H20 and has a bit of fun with it and think he's a designer (you know I'm only f'king with ya Rick...love ya really man).

Glad to see more and more dubbers getting into blogging now, they're a proper good tool for showing off what you're doing and quicker to update than a full blown website, plus, there are so many free tools out there to set one up I think all dub clubs should have one.

Anyhow, swing by, say hello and the Un-Phased meets are every last Thursday of the month at the Boatyard pub just off the M65. Check em out on Facebook for updates.

The next big meet will be on 17th December with some barbecue **edit: a bloody carvery** action, sweet rides and raffle. Get your asses down there cuz I'll be hooking them up with a couple of tees and badge packs as one the prizes...I'm good like that.


  1. Haha nice write up dude.

    p.s. It's a Carvery not a BBQ, are you mad, a BBQ in December, sack that! haha!

  2. BBQ, carvery, whatever dude it's all food!! Nom nom nom....

    I've needed to give you some exposure man so there you go, a nice little slice of my heart right there for you guys!!


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