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Screen printers wanted!!

No, this isn't necessarily a call out for new employees, as i don't have a screen printing set-up...yet. eventually I'd like to have a proper unit with all the gear to run a print outfit for all my projects, tees, clothing, posters...etc.

So, what do I want? Well, I'm speaking to a few at the moment but due to time I can't do everything so I need a decent screen printing company, local to the Bolton/Manchester/North West area to offer up their services to print small runs of tees for me.

This is basically I think out loud post as I do think I'm close to nailing this, but if anyone visiting fancies jumping on board I'd love to hear from you.

Be some cool stuff for your business folio and help me manage this year's ranges.

Woooooah, 2009!!

I know, I know, I've been letting the missile slip so apologies to all those who've emailed requests through for tees and wallets. The design business has been mad busy with some major changes to how I run things already, even after just 4 months. This has meant the time I thought I'd have to spend refreshing the DubMissile product and designs has had to be put on the backburners for a short while, but not out of mind.

I'm currently in talks with a cool screen printers who have a sweet line in fluorescent inks and some nice garments to possibly get me on the right track of buying in some pre-printed stock rather than hand-make as per order. This is good all round as it will save me a ton of time when it comes to sorting out the tees and the print will be longer lasting so I really am thinking of you guys and gals, honest. This also means, depending on the overall costs involved, that the tees won't just be single colour on white, I'll be adding a bunch of bright…