Screen printers wanted!!

No, this isn't necessarily a call out for new employees, as i don't have a screen printing set-up...yet. eventually I'd like to have a proper unit with all the gear to run a print outfit for all my projects, tees, clothing, posters...etc.

So, what do I want? Well, I'm speaking to a few at the moment but due to time I can't do everything so I need a decent screen printing company, local to the Bolton/Manchester/North West area to offer up their services to print small runs of tees for me.

This is basically I think out loud post as I do think I'm close to nailing this, but if anyone visiting fancies jumping on board I'd love to hear from you.

Be some cool stuff for your business folio and help me manage this year's ranges.



    May be of use...


  2. Hey Mark, cheers for the heads up. Loving your work by the way, been checking your site out for a while now. Big fan of Richard Goodall's, spend plenty cash in there, especially on Dunnys. Nice work on the rebrand and site, the site in particular looks heaps better.

    I contacted Sean a while ago about the HBP program but they aren't set up for tee shirts, which sucks. I may pop down though and check it out, just because they aren't set up for it doesn't mean I can't apply some ghetto techniques right?


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