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Something for the weekend

Check me out, all blog update crazy at the minute.

Ok, so the MOT is around the corner and having LHD angel eye headlamps means FAIL, so I planned on borrowing a standard set of lamps just for the test. But, and there's always a but, I'm kinda diggin smoked standard headlamps at the mo, so I bought a set of nice condition standards (with the built-in side lights) and decided I'd split and smoke em myself. Can't be that hard surely....ish.

Here they are at the moment, all nice and clean ready for me to break. I'll take step by step pics and post em up when they're all sorted. I did take shots when i prepped and tinted my rear lights (all red) and intended to post those up, but my phone broke and I lost all the pics.

Anyway, like I said, standard lamps, ready for action.

They only cost £30, so if I get £80 for the angels I'll have some extra fuel money.

First badge sale!!

This went through nearly 2 weeks ago actually but seeing as the Oxford Edition show is looming I thought I'd just mention it. A nice guy called Kevin got in touch asking for a large batch of mixed badges to liven up his bag range for the dub shows, so of course I olbiged, 200 of the little round discs of awesomeness. No pics as yet of them in place but if you're at the Oxford Edition show then keep your eyes peeled, in fact, if any of you decent dudes or dudettes out there wanna take a snap of these bags and mail me ( I'll whack em up and of course you're name will be put up in lights for your efforts. Actually, send me a pic and I'll send you a pack of badges for your efforts (chosen pis only).

Cheers Kevin, good luck with the show.


Kevin at Europl8 bags (I think that's their name) has sent me a couple of pics of the bags. Gotta admit, pretty cool, so do everyone a favour and BUY ONE!!

The reward still stands though, any pics of peeps …

1000 hits and rising!!

Cheers to everyone for giving the missile 1000+ hits. I must be doing something right so keep hitting and keep looking as there's a bunch of cool stuff in the pipeline. I'm thinking of putting up some work in progress for opinions too but not sure. Whaddya think guys? You wanna see purely finished stuff or the stuff that is being worked on?

Much love x

Yeehaw!! Comments for all!!

Thanks to Mike from Subtile blog (see the new link in my buddy's list) I've managed to toggle it for everyone to add a comment without having to sign up to an email account.

Ok, not huge news but come on, at least I'm bringning you the news as it happens. plus, it means I should get more feedback as time goes on.

Happy birthday to me!!!!

Well I'm getting older. Not necessarily wiser, or richer, but older. Today my friends I am 32 years young, nearly 40 as my supportive fiancee keeps reminding me. Getting older kinda sucks, but it'll be reet. I got some cool presents though which is really what birthdays are all about and my mum is having a bit of a family get together this weekend for me which should be awesome. Few brews, some karaoke and one of mums sick curries.

Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday, special thanks to everyone who got me stuff and extra special thanks to the future mrs Woods for the sweet gifts, especially the pin badge book (expect a new bunch of pin badges to come up soon and a clearer buying method) which is amazing.

Until next year.

Fletch, whuuuuuut!!

Well I kinda half hooked up with Fletch through work one day and we've become email buddies, modern day pen pals ever since. This guy flat out owns it!! UK hip hop can be pretty hit and miss at times and it aint often you get decent rhymes with solid backing tracks from the same artist and Fletch has his shit down. Full stop. I got my hands on a bunch more of his stuff today as an early birthday gift (thanks to the future mrs Woods for asking ever so nicely) so in return i'm gonna do some sweet graphics for him to use on tees, badges or whatever.

Big up Fletch for being just plain awesome, check out his steez HERE and HERE, I'll keep y'all posted on the designs I do.