1000 hits and rising!!

Cheers to everyone for giving the missile 1000+ hits. I must be doing something right so keep hitting and keep looking as there's a bunch of cool stuff in the pipeline. I'm thinking of putting up some work in progress for opinions too but not sure. Whaddya think guys? You wanna see purely finished stuff or the stuff that is being worked on?

Much love x


  1. Congrats mate :) You've got quite the following haven't ya!

    I'm all for showing "work in progress" stuff, that way you can get feedback on what you're doing. But I'm only saying this because I'd like to know what your up to hahaha.

    Do what you like mate, maybe a sneak preview/teaser to keep us excited without you having to show everything!

  2. Yeah, yeah whadyouknowanyhow!! ha haaa!!

    I think I will do a bit of show before go, otherwise you'll al think I'm not doing anything. Plus, I think some of my stuff should go down well.

    Watch this space bretheren!


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