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Time flies...

..when you're not really having fun.

So hard times fell upon me towards the end of last with my self employed status, setting up on me todd wasn't really the best idea considering the crunchy nut economy and I had my ass bitten hard. Great news was that I managed to land the Creative Director role at a great design studio in Manchester, Pixel8, which was a timely and brilliant decision. Problem is, I've been working my ass off big time since the New Year and not had chance to do anything, literally. Work, home, tea, sleep, start again so again, the Missile has had to take the back seat for a have all things Düb for the time being.

That was until now!!!!

The VR took a hammering over winter and she is in a seriously sorry state. being a daily whip means she doesn't get the spit and polish treatment that show ponies get but now is the time she gets a makeover.

I took some pics of her current state, which I'll follow this up with later today, very sad indeed, bu…

Snow chance in the VR.

Fact 1. It snowed like a son bitch this morning round my house.

Fact 2. At least you couldn't see I hadn't washed her in over 3 months.

Fact 3. Lowered VR on 15s, cheap tyres, inch splitter clearance really isn't an epic win in the snow. Fail fail fail, all day long.