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DubMissile label

This took me quite a while to put together, it started off as one of my earlier logo tee graphics, it will still be a tee design but not yet. I found some really cool heraldic designs that gave me what I was looking for and chopped out the bits I thought were cool, re-drew some bits, built one side that look nice and symmetrical, then flipped it all over and married the 2 sides together. I added the maltese cross in there too, which is a bit badass. Then I did some trickery and managed to create a positive version (for light backgrounds) and a negative version (for dark backgrounds). This can screw peoples heads up which is why sometimes you'll see designs that look right on a light tee but totally wrong and a dark tee, you can't use the same image and just re-colour it black or white. Anyway, that aside, it looks cool as shit so I'm using this for my tee labels (hopefully my guys can do the business on the detail side). It'll be around 40mm square and stitched onto th…

New tee designs, at last!

Well, I've been holding off and holding off on showing any work in progress because, well, I'm still sorting stuff out as and when I get the cash together to do it and I'm constantly changing how I want to style my first bunch of tees. However, I've had a few nudges from guys asking what the crack is and am I actually gonna design some gear, so I thought it best to show what i'm working on at the moment then at least you all know I aint blowing smoke up your asses. Basically, I designed a bunch of tees months ago, but, in true designer fashion I got bored of what I did (even though i had some really positive feedback from some of the guys) and have gone down a different route stylewise. Some of my other designs, which I will post up here at some point, had tweaked graphics I did of cars but they were based on actual car images, which meant that in theory i was just altering someone elses car, which aint what I'm trying to achieve...does that make sense? I'm…

MOT f'kin blues

Are you sitting comfortably? Here's a little story of one car and its journey to getting the 'small' things sorted for the MOT test.

First up, I changed all the lighting to MOT friendly lighting (ie. front lhd angel lights changed to standard smoked vr6 ones, and the red rears changed to stock smoked items), then I set about fixing my wiper stalk, which stopped clicking into place, thus being a failure item too, so off to the local scrappy I went with a spring in my step and a glint in my eye. I managed to find a god awful mk3 in the yard (wish I took some pics) which had the entire engine bay painted by hand in silver paint, anyhow, the stalks seemed ok so I got the guys to take it off for me, in their own unique skilled way...yeah right. I then took my pants down and was bum raped by the owner for the stalk (£25...WTF?!). Off I went to my little personal garage, a back alley near my house, and plucked up the courage to disconnect the battery (always shit scared of zapping…

Reporting for duty SA!!

Although I spent all last week drawing, scanning and messing around with my new designs I've had a weekend of late nights. Yep, Call of Duty4 came out on the 360 and it is f'kin awesome!! Bit of team deathmatch is alway good for the soul, blasting fools from the comfort of your armchair, pausing for brews, love it. Highly recommended, it shits all over Halo3 if you ask me and there aint half as many cock heads playing it.

You need it in your lives.

Take a gamble!

Get it!? Ok, proper shit link, but I liked it.

My pal Jezza from the VUU Cult has got himself a nice little line in tapped dice valve caps. These babies look the shit when on, adding a bit of Vegas flair to your hooplas.

I got some red ones for my bad boys, as show here:

But he has these other new sick colours to hand:

If you want some, they cost £5.00 a set picked up or £6.50 posted anywhere in the UK. Visit vuucult and pm Jezza (aka: hardwork) with your details.

You need these in your lives, but so do your local pikey scumbag kids so don't leave them on overnight or you might see em on the kids' bikes.