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Let's do werk!!

Been kinda off the boil the past couple of years or so with the whole modding caper, which can easily be seen when you look at the state of the VR. So, time to put things right.

Plans are simple. The VR is battle worn so no point spending all my dollars getting her perfect so I'm gonna have some fun.

So what's the plan? First up, get her through the MOT this week, bald tyres everywhere so I've resurrected my 15x8 Revolution hoops with silly low ET and strapped some spanking new 185/55/15 Nankang rubber on em. I love a balloon tyre so let's see how it looks when they're popped. The hoops are in a terrible state, I'm not a big polisher but i'm working on bringing the lips back to life at the moment. Rough and ready style, Autosol, tin foil and elbow grease with a look to painting the lips down the line.

The rest of the plans are simple. Breakers for parts, minimal spend and lots of manual labour. If I say too much I'll never do it and look like a bigger a…