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Merry Christmas!!

Well, it's my favourite time of the year, i love Christmas sooooo much. So, I just wanna wish everyone an awesome Christmas and a badass New Year!! I got some sweet gifts too, which is always a good thing.

Have a good un kids.

The only label!!

Well, I got my grubby mitts on the sample for my tee label today and all I can say is, AWESOME!! I was a little concerned that the coat of arms design would be too detailed, even for the high-def labels but I was gladly proven wrong. When you consider the label is 40mm x 40mm there is some serious amazing-ness going on right there.

Big thanks to Steve at Bellwoven for hooking me up with these and coming to the rescue when I thought I was screwed getting quantities and quality from the same company, so he gets a buddy link for being great.

So, I got some designs, got some tees, all I need is for a few production things to turn up (including the full delivery of labels) and we're off. Not in time for Christmas, which sucks, but save your pennies for the New Year...the year of the missile!!

Please Sir!!

Tomorrow should be a fun day, me and my best bud Benski are going back to visit our old College where we learned our craft, to give a bit of a design talk and a bit of tutoring thrown in for good measure. We both studied (and met) at Wigan College in 1996 and it was an awesome time in my life (I also met my girl there). We kinda like the idea that whilst we were there we nearly ended up being booted off the course for dicking around too much and told 'you'll never make it in the real world', but now we're all grown up we seem to be doing pretty well for ourselves really.

Wish me luck.