The only label!!

Well, I got my grubby mitts on the sample for my tee label today and all I can say is, AWESOME!! I was a little concerned that the coat of arms design would be too detailed, even for the high-def labels but I was gladly proven wrong. When you consider the label is 40mm x 40mm there is some serious amazing-ness going on right there.

Big thanks to Steve at Bellwoven for hooking me up with these and coming to the rescue when I thought I was screwed getting quantities and quality from the same company, so he gets a buddy link for being great.

So, I got some designs, got some tees, all I need is for a few production things to turn up (including the full delivery of labels) and we're off. Not in time for Christmas, which sucks, but save your pennies for the New Year...the year of the missile!!


  1. Thanks so much Tracy, I did nothing today, it was fab I just went for a long walk, then a run, so I have spent most of the day outside, under turquoise sky and in the cold clear air, beats the shops anyday. I am thrilled you got the book. Please thank your bloke for the use of his blogg.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  2. Hey Lynn, nice to hear from ya. Good news about your mag feature on the house. I showed my girly your post no doubt she'll get back to you. Feel free to post away, the more visitors the merrier, I know it aint really your thing but it'll be reet.

  3. The tags look great. I can't wait to order my first DubMissile shirt.

    Also, I had a few guys in my local VW club asking about your badges and where they could order them from? Do you have a specific place they need to go to place an order? Or should I just take orders from each of them and then pass it on to you with the payment? I don't mind distributing them if you only want to send one package to the US instead of several. You could just package each order in its own bag and send the lot of them to me.

  4. Cheers brothers!!

    Mike, I'll email some details but I reckon to make things easier if you take orders from all your guys I'll put the packs together then package them all at once for you to dish our for me if you would. That way it saves on postage, one easy paypal payment from you (if that's ok with you) and everyone is happy. I'll amend the badges piece in the 'stuff to buy' section as I've done another 20 badge designs, each has a single wheel on, same style as the wheel tee I've designed but in different colours.


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