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Well, well, well, this really has been a hell of a long time hasn't it. Where on God's earth have we been? Well I'll cut a long story short...ish.

I spent 4 years working as a Creative Director of a very busy and growing branding agency, which kinda took a lot of my time away, which also meant a lot of my focus so unfortunately a few things had to go on the shelf for a while. But, I did my stint, learned a lot, enjoyed every minute and have since moved on to work for a company, and a sport, that I'm insanely passionate about which has kinda re-kindled my 'fun' again.

Which means I've unchained the gates to the Missile Base, removed the dusty tarpaulin of the Missile itself and over the next few months I'm gonna start to get my house in order and bring her back to life.

Not sure what I'm gonna do yet, but I do have a bunch of cool tees to shift that I've been sat on for quite some time, plus I'll be adding some new stuff to the range to get s…