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Edition38 2012

Okay okay, I've had a bunch of people pestering me for an Edition post for this year, apparently I got quite a few fans of last year's. I've been meaning to do one but as many of you know my day job is taking up a ton of headspace at the mo so struggling to squeeze things in. I'll hook y'all up with a post this weekend along with a million snaps I took using my professional photographer's kit of choice...iPhone4s and Instagram ;-D

Hold your horses kids, BRB.

Turning Japanese

As general car nuts, me and my boys always fire car shots about and talk shit about what we dig and it always drifts into the Jap scene (see what I did there). Scoobies, Skylines blah blah blah whatever, I do like an old school Line but for me you can't beat a MK2 CRX. Jap as fuck, cheap as fuck (apart from Vtec) and pretty nippy. Still miss my valver.

Anyway, spotted these beauties trawling the Googlenets and thought why not share the love.

Stay safe!