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Old School IS the best school.

Now I love dubs, I really do, in fact I just love cars full stop if I'm honest whether it be a badass turbo'd VR or a blown R32 or a G60/G40 or a sick Jap drifter or some old school 70's/80's Ford or a sweet split camper or some sick yank muscle...the list goes on. So, when I went to Tescos yesterday to go shopping I nearly wet myself when I saw this guy and his lad topping up the radiator of this piece of awesomeness.

I didn't get to chat too much as he needed to go pretty sharpish once the rad was filled, but from what I could see it was a sweet old school Ford, roof chop and a small block v8 which sounded...well, I wished I'd have recorded it because it just made me smile from ear to ear and I'm pretty sure there was movement, if you know what I mean.

I did snatch a couple of dodgy phone pics and I'm sure you'll all agree that on a sunny day, surely the best thing to be cruising around in would be something like this.


Er, kinda pointless post without pics but something I've been working on may have moved on a few steps last night. Super excited and really wanna know if I can get it done. If it works out and I can get this 'product' done locally, and it is starting to look that way, I will have something that is effing awesome to offer over the summer that will look amazing.

I need to learn some stuff quick so I can make and fit a prototype.

Let's just say its something awesome, that looks awesome and will be offered as a fully custom item that you can have individually made for your ride.

Awesome. Seriously, awesome!!

All Types show.

I'm not gonna write a War and Peace about how great the show was and how the whole weekend was a huge party and despite the rain everyone blew up...because...well, we only decided to 'pop' down on the Sunday for an hour at about 2pm so we missed all that stuff, PLUS I think we missed all the rain too as it was mad sunny when we arrived. So we had a Mr. Whippy before anything else.

Anyways, the show did look good, we did miss a lot of the cars as they'd gone by then but it was still a worthy ride out and if you like your dubs air and water cooled it's always worth a mooch.

I took a few dodgy snaps on the way round, last minute again. I didn't go round looking for the cray show cars, just what caught my eye casually.

Whenever I go here it always makes me realize just how much I want a splitscreen bus so me and my girl can look awesome and cruise around having free holidays.

We did pop to a local beach for half an hour though, which was amazing, even though it was rai…

Possible new MK3 tee.

I was playing around with something a bit more light-hearted so knocked up this 'Ich liebe meinen mk3' design which as I'm sure y'all know means I love my mk3 in German. I've recycled my old mk3 drawing for the time being but after some tweaks this will have a new drawing with more detail than the last one, a bit more effort is gonna come in to play from now on. And before anyone starts, the type was only knocked up so I know the letter spacings are all over the place but don't you worry my little cherubs, I'll be getting it all just nice before I go to print.

Ok, so the only pic I have is of me from the cold and rainy beach in Wales, on our way back from All Types show, which was cool (see new post). I just wanna get into the habit of letting you guys see what I'm up to more, it kinda softens the wait a bit in between tees. ** added new pic of actual design **

Lemme know if you think this should be a doer...should I be doing Ich leibe designs for all the…

Golf War syndrome.

So, a bit removed from my current style of tee and a bit themed this one but I kinda like it. I'll probably only produce these in super limited numbers and this is a unique range to Golf owners although I assure you, the Rocco and Caddy is about get some seriously sweet love.

As you can see there are only 2 finished at the mo, the others have the graphic package done but the car illis need finishing off, once done there'll be a complete 'Golf War' set completed. Get it, golf...war...I know, pretty bad pun. Bad taste? I hope not.

These will be single colour on one stock only, the olive green for obvious reasons and there maybe a secondary graphic on there as a limited edition reference and to finish off the theme.

I've set up a work in progress side bar where I'll start to add images of any designs and products I'm in the middle of developing, gives you all something nice to look at while waiting for me to get things up for sale.

Please leave any comments, if yo…