Possible new MK3 tee.

I was playing around with something a bit more light-hearted so knocked up this 'Ich liebe meinen mk3' design which as I'm sure y'all know means I love my mk3 in German. I've recycled my old mk3 drawing for the time being but after some tweaks this will have a new drawing with more detail than the last one, a bit more effort is gonna come in to play from now on. And before anyone starts, the type was only knocked up so I know the letter spacings are all over the place but don't you worry my little cherubs, I'll be getting it all just nice before I go to print.

Ok, so the only pic I have is of me from the cold and rainy beach in Wales, on our way back from All Types show, which was cool (see new post). I just wanna get into the habit of letting you guys see what I'm up to more, it kinda softens the wait a bit in between tees. ** added new pic of actual design **

Lemme know if you think this should be a doer...should I be doing Ich leibe designs for all the mks? We'll see anyway, get a good spread of different styles up for different dubs so that there is at least something for everyone and not a tone of golf tees or mk3 tees.


  1. Cooool Al. I like the mark 3 golf drawing actually you should just stick with that one if you ask me.

    Seems like you are making some good efforts again now it will be great to see it all come together on your store. SOON I HOPE!! Are you sure you want people to see what you look like, you know people will start to accost you at shows now. ;-D

  2. Hey Brian, cheers for the positive feedback, always good to hear from you. Did you go to All Types?

    I can't keep the mk3 drawing dude, it's a bit wrong, all the details are too vague so I need to do a real nice one with more detail. I'm also gonna start doing the rides with proper wheels from now on. The idea was to avoid using actual rims incase someone thought it was their car, but, I'm just gonna do whatever I want now, i find that's always the best way.

    Stay tuned bro, good things on the horizon.

  3. Put a vento on it!!!!!

  4. Hey Anon, cheers for the comment!!

    You know what, that aint a bad idea, but I already have something lined up for the boot crew that's along the same idea, you'll like it.

    If you wanna send me some pics of your vento I'll make you famous!!

  5. Didn't make it to all types I'm afraid which is a shame as I really enjoyed last years. I heard it fair peed it down. If you're doing a better and newer mk3 drawing then that's fair enough, do the same sort of look though, I like the angle and stance of the one already.

    I agree too, a vento one would be mega.


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