Some of you may or may not know about the Un-Phased lads or the Vag-H20 punks. To put it simply they're just a decent bunch of Northern guys, having some fun and building some nice looking rides between em, which is nice. They make a ton of effort and are always up for a chat and a laugh, no strings, no agendas, which is a nice change.

So, my main man Rick (with the rapid blue 20vt caddy) looks after their collaborative site Un-H20 and has a bit of fun with it and think he's a designer (you know I'm only f'king with ya Rick...love ya really man).

Glad to see more and more dubbers getting into blogging now, they're a proper good tool for showing off what you're doing and quicker to update than a full blown website, plus, there are so many free tools out there to set one up I think all dub clubs should have one.

Anyhow, swing by, say hello and the Un-Phased meets are every last Thursday of the month at the Boatyard pub just off the M65. Check em out on Facebook for updates.

The next big meet will be on 17th December with some barbecue **edit: a bloody carvery** action, sweet rides and raffle. Get your asses down there cuz I'll be hooking them up with a couple of tees and badge packs as one the prizes...I'm good like that.



Enough said I think.

Now, where's my coffee?

If anyone fancies a rip online my gamertag is: franchise75.


Zombie stylez FTMFW!!

Well what a great end to the weekend!! Zombie Aid had its second outing in Manchester on Sunday (1st November) and what a blast! A bunch of us dressed up for the occasion, as you do, bit of clothing, some fake blood, latex, face paints, mud, more fake blood and plenty of moans and groans and off we went. Everyone met up at the Printworks and by everyone, I mean EVERYONE, around 3000 I think all dressed in all kinds of insane Zombie get ups, from simple crash bloody messes, to nurses, to businessmen, to lollypop ladies...it was a superb sight. We were going as an active Zombie Marine Unit and I ended up as a kind of Zombie marine cum Highway Patrol guy, which worked.

If you haven't heard about it, Zombie Aid is a charity run event organized by Carl Whitely with all proceeds going to Christie's Cancer Hospital. There is a large Facebook presence and a group too so search it out.

The night consisted of a couple of slices of Zombie action, the first was an attempt to break the British record for the largest mass Thriller dance that was held at the Pure nightclub...apparently we smashed the record, which was cool as I found the dancing super hard. The second part was a huge Zombie walk around the city centre then through a closed Arnedale Centre, which was amazing, just like being in a film.

Enough waffling, do some searching online to find out more about it, but for now check out some pics of us lot having a bit of a laugh, my brother and sister-in-law rocked some awesome make-up so next year is gonna be HUGE!!


3 strikes and yer out!!

Just a speedy update really kids. The dudes with the red vans and big sacks are all striking over some pay stuff, so, if you're DubMissile orders are a bit late I apologize in advance. Kick back, relax and your little parcels will arrive eventually.


Killin' it!!

These dudes are the wake up call for all water cooled owners I think. They seem to be cool guys (although I aint even met em) who enjoy what they do, do it properly and do it bloody quick. For years the water cooled show scene has been about who can spend the most on paint and rims but these guys have shown it's looking like dudes are gonna have to start to think outside the box a bit.

Oh, who are they? Type 2 Detectives of course. Flavour of the month and yeah I'm jumping on their slammed bandwagon like everyone else but end of the day, they're illin!!

Here's a short vid of their mk3 golf plaything...running air-cooled lump with insane tuck on 17" Fuchs reps. Check out their site for more info and keep your eye on their progress, I reckon they'll be doing plenty over the next year.


Edition38 2009

Well this is the first time I've posted a ton of pics from one of our little excursions and from now on I'll be making this a bit of a habit. Let's be honest, blogs are all about letting us get a sniff of what other peeps get up to, so, it's about time I let you know what our little possé gets up to.

E38 is pretty much THE water cooled event of the dub show calendar in the UK (for those that didn't already know) and for the past 3 years we've been haulin' ass over there for camping, bbq meat, booze, talking shit and checking out the finest in metal that's on show. This year was no exception apart from one of our troops was ill so couldn't drink too much but this didn't really stop us having a blast. Our convoy was diminished as we had a few last minute dropouts, which is always a shame, but it was still awesome anyways.

There were some downsides, a lot of dicks were around and trashed a lot of expensive stuff, plus, a lot of stuff was stolen from tents and cars, including my phone!!!! Some poor guys had stuff nicked from their show cars too which is real low, Borbet flat caps being one example with all kinds of trim pieces getting lifted.

Anyways, I aint gonna bang on about it, if you haven't been you gotta go, it rocks!! The rides are sick and you'll have a great time, we also decided to try out the rave tent this year and as you can see we kinda had a huge slice of dance pie!!!!

Big shout out to my boys, Chris, Gilly, Jez, Walker, Miami Rob, Johnno, Ian and Danny for a sweet weekend AND to all those that we bumped into along the way.

Check out the pics, check out how sick my new tees look and then go to the shop link and buy some!! Easy!!