Zombie stylez FTMFW!!

Well what a great end to the weekend!! Zombie Aid had its second outing in Manchester on Sunday (1st November) and what a blast! A bunch of us dressed up for the occasion, as you do, bit of clothing, some fake blood, latex, face paints, mud, more fake blood and plenty of moans and groans and off we went. Everyone met up at the Printworks and by everyone, I mean EVERYONE, around 3000 I think all dressed in all kinds of insane Zombie get ups, from simple crash bloody messes, to nurses, to businessmen, to lollypop ladies...it was a superb sight. We were going as an active Zombie Marine Unit and I ended up as a kind of Zombie marine cum Highway Patrol guy, which worked.

If you haven't heard about it, Zombie Aid is a charity run event organized by Carl Whitely with all proceeds going to Christie's Cancer Hospital. There is a large Facebook presence and a group too so search it out.

The night consisted of a couple of slices of Zombie action, the first was an attempt to break the British record for the largest mass Thriller dance that was held at the Pure nightclub...apparently we smashed the record, which was cool as I found the dancing super hard. The second part was a huge Zombie walk around the city centre then through a closed Arnedale Centre, which was amazing, just like being in a film.

Enough waffling, do some searching online to find out more about it, but for now check out some pics of us lot having a bit of a laugh, my brother and sister-in-law rocked some awesome make-up so next year is gonna be HUGE!!


  1. FUCK Al you guys look like full on crazy zombies I'd shit myself if I bumped into you on a dark night. Good to see what you do in your spare time you don't always see stuff outside of what dudes are selling which I suppose is why I love checking out blog sites so much. I think I might set my own up soon not sure what I'll put on it though what do you think?

    Oh and when are we gonna see some new designz dooood? i'm dying to see some finished wallets and tees and if what you said the other week is true then I'd so be up for buying some dubmissile mugs.


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