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Dubmissile badge packs

As a promo for the missile I handed out little cards with a free badge on at this years GTI International, which semed to go down a storm.

I've now compiled all the badge designs to date and am selling these as 'pick your own' packs.

Simply pick which 5 you like best then email me with how you wanna pay and where you want them posting to ( and I'll send you the pack (as pictured) for £3.00 (posted).If you want more than 5 then each additional badge will be an extra 50p. I accept paypal or can arrange to hook up with you at any of the big shows for a cash on delivery job. If you choose to pay by paypal then please add an extra 25p for charges.


The VR plans are looking up.

Well she's been sitting high on her OZ Volcano stand-ins for a while now, just waiting for me to get enough cash to finish off the rim plans...and now, we're nearly there.

17" Monzas repainted in graphite, 20mm ProjektZwo 5x100-5x112 adaptors and a set of heavily treaded 205/40/17 Yoko rubber all waiting to be hooked up with a new set of VW valves this week (£11 a piece...ouch!!).

Also got an almost new set of fully adjustable FK Konigsport coilovers wiating in the wings to complete the rims and stance, bit of nose down badass action. Should be the only mk3 on mk5 gti rims that I know of, all going well she should look sweet.

Also gonna replace the front splitter (coz I kinda bust it up) and sill strips, all to be colour coded to match the rest of the trim.

Aiming to be sweet by E38, watch this space.

Made the blog public knowledge now.

Well, I was gonna wait until I had everything up but to be honest, people wanna see progression so I made the blog public knowledge today on and Hopefully it'll attract some visitors and I can provide what we've needed for a while, some decent clobber.

Keep visiting.

Dubmissile blog ready to rock!!

Ok guys, the dubmissile web site is still in progress but should be sorted within a couple weeks, just got a few host and programming issues to iron out until the big launch.

Once up, you'll be able to check out and buy all the fancy ass cool threads you could ever dream of to keep you looking uber fresh along side your water cooled ride.

In the meantime, hold tight and I'll try and keep you entertained with this blog.

Dubmissile & manc:union.

New Manchester dub crew, manc:union, sign up dubmissile to produce their club wear. Tired of the usual bland logo'd tees, the union wanted something with bit more punch so the missile stepped up and created a new logo tee and hoody with cooler garments. Check the manc:union forum and take a look for yourself in general chat or if you just wanna see what we're all about. Keep an eye out for manc:union this year at the dub shows (if they don't all get rained off), there should be a good turnout at the edition38 monster show 31/08/07 - 02/09/07.