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Heavyweight contender.

Another addition to the DubMissile family is the mk3 heavyweight tee. Pic is a bit crappy but the design is reet so go vist the shop and make yourself look nice for the ladies.

Also, the Six Shooter detail is a small back neck print for the back of any tee if your ride is vr powered. So, got a mk2? Then buy a 2nd coming tee and if your mk2 has 6 dirty pots under the bonnet then add the six shooter to your tee to be that extra bit special.

Planning on doing a few more extra graphics for different lumps so you can customize your tee a bit.

Right, gotta finish the Rocco and Rado tees now.

Later y'all!!


Well it's the Tuesday after the Easter weekend before and I've got that Monday feeling, does that make sense?

Anyways, for all you patient guys out there you'll be happy to know your tees are now in the post, direct to your door via Missile Mail™, plus the lil' badges I promised. Any comments when they arrive fell free to post up here, if you don't have a google mail account don't worry because you can post up anonymously and sign it with your name.




What can I say guys, I'm overwhelmed by the positive feedback from everyone that's been in touch. I think the PVW snippet has done its job pretty well as I've had quite a few orders up to now. I'll be sorting out all the tees this weekend so don't panic, I haven't done a runner with your hard earned, I picked the newly repaired vr today so I'm fully mobile again. Expect a little something extra in your package for the delay.

Thanks to PVW for the feature again, expect more of that in the near future, all going well, I'm also looking to run a competition with them at some point so keep your peelers, er, peeled.

Cars. Love em, or hate em.

Ok, so, we all love our rides right? I mean, we spend whatever cash we can scrape together to make em look pretty, or go faster or whatever and we spend whatever spare time we have either cleaning em or showing off to our fellow junkies. But I tell ya, just wanna get a piece of pipe and...anyway, I'll calm down and fill y'all in on my weekend of woes.

If I'm honest, I'm not big into spending hours washing and waxing my ride, I know she looks awesome for it and she appreciates it but I've got loads of other stuff that I can be doing really, especially with the tee shirts starting to take off. So, when I do give her a good once over it's usually a quick hour or so with the sponge and in summer I'll hook her up with some chamois action if she's lucky. This weekend I decided, after dropping my girl off at work at 7am I'd get to work, give her a good hosing (not my girl), a good shampoo and do the whole car from top to bottom in sections …

Ultimate Dubs 08

So, Ultimate Dubs weekend has just been and gone and I gotta say it was a proper awesome show. I think I might actually look into getting a decent camera and learn some shooting skills because there were some seeeeerious rides there. Not fully my bag the whole über polish clean scene, never really found the time to spend hours and hours cleaning my wheels but fair play to the soldiers out there that do, gives us all some ideas and I respect the work that goes into it all. I took a few snaps with the trusty ericsson, pretty shite really but I had to get some snaps. We had a riot going down, Tom found a bargain vr6 synchro (left hooker) which is a bit rough around the edges but man was it badass, as was the young lads crazy ass driving tricks. I hung out the window my pals S3 at high speed taking photos...most of which were pretty crap so we swapped over and I had a rip in the vag speed machine, which was super class but lacked the raw awesomeness of the vr. Have a look at some of the p…

Right then!!

I've managed to set up the mini store now (in the menu to the right) which is über easy to use. Just click on the tee that tickles your fancy, select a size and how many you want then add to the cart. Once you're done just check-out and as long as you have a paypal account, life is just sweet for everyone. The designs in progress now show finished printed versions rather than the illis so check em out before you order to see what the full thing looks like.

Now, unfortunately you can't have multiple shipping costs yet, so for now it only works for UK customers. If you live in a far away land then the best thing to do is email me at this address ( with details of which tees you like, how many and what sizes plus your address and I'll get back to you asap with shipping costs.

The tees are all in white at the mo as I'm still playing with some colour options and not all the tees I've played with print as well as I'd like. Everyone digs a whit…