Cars. Love em, or hate em.

Ok, so, we all love our rides right? I mean, we spend whatever cash we can scrape together to make em look pretty, or go faster or whatever and we spend whatever spare time we have either cleaning em or showing off to our fellow junkies. But I tell ya, just wanna get a piece of pipe and...anyway, I'll calm down and fill y'all in on my weekend of woes.

If I'm honest, I'm not big into spending hours washing and waxing my ride, I know she looks awesome for it and she appreciates it but I've got loads of other stuff that I can be doing really, especially with the tee shirts starting to take off. So, when I do give her a good once over it's usually a quick hour or so with the sponge and in summer I'll hook her up with some chamois action if she's lucky. This weekend I decided, after dropping my girl off at work at 7am I'd get to work, give her a good hosing (not my girl), a good shampoo and do the whole car from top to bottom in sections so as not to streak too much. I also decided to sort my rims out which being polished, have taken a beating because of the shitty weather, plus I didn't really look after them too well. So I wash her, taking my time, she looks good, then I dig out the Autsol, Belgom Alu and PoorBoys wheel treatment plus a heavy dosage of elbow grease to polish away the dirt and mess right down to the shininess again. 3 stages, Autosol like a madman, polish off, apply the Alu, leave for a while then polish off, then apply the PoorBoys, leave again (trying so hard not to eat it, it smells soooo good) then polish off. Now this, I really didn't enjoy, it was worth it but really made me realise that polished rims on a daily horse aint too clever. I stand back, admire my ghetto handy work then go to get my girl from work.

Now at this point I shoulda known something was wrong, it'd rained earlier while I was polishing the wheels but no matter it had calmed down, but some f'ker in a truck full of shit had gone down the road leaving a trail of orangey brown mess everywhere, which, being wet, sprayed all over my car. Strike 1. Then, after much stopping and starting all day, I set off to my parents house around teatime to use the heat press and what happens? My oil temp shoots from 95 to 118...122...124...128...SHIIIIIIT!! I had a water leak around the oil cooler due to a damaged pipe but nothing major so I was worried why all of a sudden this happened. Time to retreat. As we pulled up to home, the temp reached 144 degress. 144!! Then, she cut out. Strike 2. So we made arrangements for my girls uncle to have a look at his garage today so we limped her there, pissing coolant everywhere but at least she works, which is what was worrying me. On the ramps, bleeding, battered, sad, but clean, we discover the water pump is bust. Great. So my car looks sweet but is beached, like a mighty shiny whale until I can get my local vr guy to fix her up tomorrow. Can't sort my tees out, can't go to our local dub meet and can't go for a Sunday blast under some tunnels. Strike3.

I'm out.

Gotta say thanks to uncle Stu for having a look today, really appreciate it. I wish I had a garage with ramps. Actually, I wish I had a garage, or even a drive for that matter.


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