Ultimate Dubs 08

So, Ultimate Dubs weekend has just been and gone and I gotta say it was a proper awesome show. I think I might actually look into getting a decent camera and learn some shooting skills because there were some seeeeerious rides there. Not fully my bag the whole ├╝ber polish clean scene, never really found the time to spend hours and hours cleaning my wheels but fair play to the soldiers out there that do, gives us all some ideas and I respect the work that goes into it all. I took a few snaps with the trusty ericsson, pretty shite really but I had to get some snaps. We had a riot going down, Tom found a bargain vr6 synchro (left hooker) which is a bit rough around the edges but man was it badass, as was the young lads crazy ass driving tricks. I hung out the window my pals S3 at high speed taking photos...most of which were pretty crap so we swapped over and I had a rip in the vag speed machine, which was super class but lacked the raw awesomeness of the vr. Have a look at some of the pics to whet your whistles.

Now, the BIG deal was that I had a chat with Elliott from PVW magazine, I introduced myself and we had a chat about the missile and what can be done. From what I gather he seems to be into it. So I greased his palms with a few more tees and away I went. We talked about running some tees as a prize in the mag so I was thinking of offering up one of all the designs in whatever size the winner is, plus a badge pack of all the wheel badges I have (about 26), which I've yet to post up here actually. Sound a worthy prize? Anyways, the new issue was on sale at show price and I have myself a sweet lil' news feature on page 21, plus a mention in the big wagon shoot so life is getting sweeter. Things can only blow up from here.

Big thanks for the feature guys, hopefully we can do some good things.


  1. Congrats on the hook-up Al. Now, I'll have to wait 3-4 months for that issue!

  2. I tell you what Ray, buy a tee from me and I'll post you the latest issue with it, how's that sound? I got a mk3 tee to go up, which looks cool, if you like let me know what size and colour, plus your address (by email) and I'll work out a price. I'll throw in the mag for free. Deal?? ;-D

  3. Al, congrats on the PVW bit! We're missing you over on Mk3Love, man. You've got to stop by again.

    Anyways, keep up the good work with the shirts. I can't wait to see the Mk3 design. Keep me informed.


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