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It's on!!

Right then, I'm all super excited now. The big delay for me has been figuring out the best way to print up my tees so that I can do them made to orderrather than sitting on stockpiles of tees I can't shift and end up having to charge the earth per tee. Well, last night I test printed one of my tees (the 1976 graphic) on one of my cool ass olive distressed tees and it worked out a lot better than i thought, so now I can go full steam ahead!! This also means that I can supply the tees, with sew-in labels, swing tag, pin badge and bagged for £15 (plus delivery) which is pretty damn good value if you ask me.

I'll post up a pic tonight of the test tee and PLEASE let me know what you think. The sample I've made won't be available though, the olive tee is gonna have a different design on it (a military themed one), the 1976 graphic will more than likely be going on a white tee.

Niceness is just around the corner!!

Chris strikes again!

Well, the anaconda got an overhaul today by the mighty Chris and it aint that I'm clueless but when someone with awesome skills kicks ass in front of you, the best thing I find is just sit back and enjoy the show! I had a bit of a list for the man and he blasted his way through it in no time, oil change, filter change, new front pads, new front discs, new plugs (with no plug tool) and new leads plus a couple of other things. Now, I know I aint alone when I say this but as soon as you mention things like 'this is going really well', 'I can't believe how quick we did that' or 'should only be another half hour or so' you know you've just owned yourself. All that needed sorting was the rear discs/pads and bearings and from what we could gather, super easy. Now this would be super easy if one of your abs baskets wasn't busted or your caliper carrier bolts weren't seized and rounded, which mine were PLUS this was only found out after we'd sort…

Love your mk3?

This post has been a long time coming actually so my apologies to the main man Mike at Subtile blog. He's taken the leap and done something awesome for us mk3 lovers and created a mk3 based community. The site is in it's infancy but when you get on there you'll see just how many memebers he's managed to rustle up in a very short space of time. The forum is well worth a visit as all the members are very cool, down to earth guys and gals with no fronts. This site is also a mega resource for us UK guys as I always love seeing what are American bretheren are up to.

Sign up, log in and enjoy yourselves.


Sew hard

I know, another terrible bit of word association, thing is I'm sitting here watching biker build off and cage rage with a few vodkas and remembered I had this to show you. The whole DubMissile thing is to be designed, printed, put together, funded and marketed entirely by myself, which gets tricky when you have a bunch of labels that need sewing into t-shirts and have never used a sewing machine before. Luckily for me my girl has done fashion in the past so knows how to roll with a sewing machine, so the lessons began the other night and I never thought it'd be so damn hard to sew a small square label into a tee. Anyhow, I'm getting there so when the first batch is printed up I'll have labels sewn in which won't look like a blind pissed guy with no arms has done it.

I'm no doctor but you can trust me.

Some funny shit!

Ok, so mooching around the car forums today and stumbled across this and it cracked me up. At first I thought it was a viral campaign for Diesel or some fashion label like that but the styling is too obvioulsy shit to be Diesel, who would probably do a well styled version. The vids are hilarious and is just plain awesome!

pro-street Romania

Still can't figure out who did it but it looks like some kinda piss take out of Need For Speed Pro Street, if it's a campaign it would have been awesome if they did different locale versions.

Enjoy some true pro-street action!! These guys roll HARD!! Reminds me of Hag Fold, where I grew up in Athy.

Tic Toc...

Right then, new year and new drive. I've decided to give myself a target now to be established by and putting it in writing kinda makes you work for it harder. The first major Dub show is Ultimate Dubs in March which is a large indoor arena with a good selection of awesome rides. So, my aim leading up to then is to show off more designs here then have it all in place properly by then. So, watch out for me at UD coz I'll be wearing some cool ass tee and giving out cool ass badges to make you kids buy.

It's on!!

Happy New Year!!

Ok, a few days late on this one but I've got the 'back to work blues'. So New Years Eve was a blinding night, my younger brother (dressed as Michael Jackson in Thriller) and his fiancée Kate (dressed in an 80's flashdance stylee) held an 80's themed fancy dress party at their new home, which was fucking awesome!! really cool night, all the guys and girls turned up in dress and had a blast, I especially enjoyed sucking the punch from the brightly lit up punch fountain with a flourescent straw.

Click the pic to see a selection of snaps of us having a ball. Oh, I'm Batman by the way and my fiancée is my very own Wonder Woman. Sweet!!

Big thanks for everyone for making the effort and special props to my best bud Ben who kicked everyone's asses with his B.A. Barracus get up.

New Year, big things on the horizon!!