Love your mk3?

This post has been a long time coming actually so my apologies to the main man Mike at Subtile blog. He's taken the leap and done something awesome for us mk3 lovers and created a mk3 based community. The site is in it's infancy but when you get on there you'll see just how many memebers he's managed to rustle up in a very short space of time. The forum is well worth a visit as all the members are very cool, down to earth guys and gals with no fronts. This site is also a mega resource for us UK guys as I always love seeing what are American bretheren are up to.

Sign up, log in and enjoy yourselves.



  1. Thanks for this post, Al. I am SO thankful that so many people have latched on and run with this site. I've had this idea bouncing around in my head for the longest time, but I finally sat down last month and decided it was time to do it.

    The forum will probably be the most active part of the site, but as we continue to grow (only 1 month old so far) I plan to really grow the Resources portion of the site, which will include parts reviews, DIYs, explanations of different models and the like.

    I want Mk3Love to be the mecca of all things Mk3. :) Thanks for helping out and throwing up a post about it on your blog.


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