Chris strikes again!

Well, the anaconda got an overhaul today by the mighty Chris and it aint that I'm clueless but when someone with awesome skills kicks ass in front of you, the best thing I find is just sit back and enjoy the show! I had a bit of a list for the man and he blasted his way through it in no time, oil change, filter change, new front pads, new front discs, new plugs (with no plug tool) and new leads plus a couple of other things. Now, I know I aint alone when I say this but as soon as you mention things like 'this is going really well', 'I can't believe how quick we did that' or 'should only be another half hour or so' you know you've just owned yourself. All that needed sorting was the rear discs/pads and bearings and from what we could gather, super easy. Now this would be super easy if one of your abs baskets wasn't busted or your caliper carrier bolts weren't seized and rounded, which mine were PLUS this was only found out after we'd sorted one side, which means you can't just leave it as it was, you NEED to finish it off. So super Chris brought out the big guns (as in oxygen and fire) and even resorted to making his own bolts to fit from found items. The result? Couple of hours later than planned but sorted with a quality finish.

Also, the 17" BBS Monzas were binned for 16" Audi S2 polished rims which look awesome and drive amazingly well. No more 17" scrubbing issues, no more rock hard suspension needed and I can drive like I wanna. And I think they look killer. Sweet!

I also put a set of CL standard amber indicators in the front bumper and sides for some colour.

Big thanks to Chris for his skills, always appreciated. Legend!


  1. Good job mate, I know how hard it is to get those caliper carrier bolts off. They're in the most awkward position as well!

    The Audi S2 wheels look a damn sight better than the Mk5 GTI wheels too, I really like how your car looks at the moment!

  2. Cheers Rayman!!

    She is starting to look properly nice now, bit of a US vibe with the amber turns makes me smile and the S2s.....just plain awesome!!

    Few more things to do though but nothing major league, main thing being a good wash and some proper pics to show her off a bit.


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