Tic Toc...

Right then, new year and new drive. I've decided to give myself a target now to be established by and putting it in writing kinda makes you work for it harder. The first major Dub show is Ultimate Dubs in March which is a large indoor arena with a good selection of awesome rides. So, my aim leading up to then is to show off more designs here then have it all in place properly by then. So, watch out for me at UD coz I'll be wearing some cool ass tee and giving out cool ass badges to make you kids buy.

It's on!!


  1. Great that you set yourself up a deadline! When's Ultimate Dubs?

  2. Yeah man, I've got quite a bit of stuff that i could just get out there but I'm being a bit picky now because I've thought about it all too much. The 1976 and rims tees are a definite and I've got a few others that I'm happy withy (will post up this weekend for y'all) then I'll concentrate on sorting out printing and prices.

    Ultimate Dubs kinda kicks off the show season over here on the 9th March (I think). I'd like to have a trade stand at one of the later shows, but, I don't wanna spend all the profit before I get it, that really needs to go back into more tees.

    Fingers crossed.


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