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Mini-store awesomeness!!

Busy ass week at work, at home and at Missile Command hence the lack of pics, but that my friends is about to change. I've nailed the print side of things now so as of this weekend I am open for business! I'm gonna be getting my girl to take some snaps of me wearing the various tees and post them all up here, update the designs menu AND you may notice I've been having a bit of a play with the awesome PayPal Labs storefront widget. This has pretty much answered ALL my worries about actually selling via the blog without it being huge pain in the ass emailing back and forth details, so, after a few tweaks this weekend the store should be fully functioning and you can hook yourself up with the first range of DubMissile threads.

Once sorted I'm gonna hit the dub forums with a launch message and will hopefully get some interest. I'm also aiming to take a bag full of tees to Ultimate Dubs with me a week on Sunday so expect a pre UD heads up.

There may also be some exposure …

Good times!!

Printed 5 designs today and they came out great!! I gave em a wash test earlier and no dramas so will post up some awesome shots tomorrow of em. Then......we have lift off my friends!!

As they say, teetering on the edge of niceness!!

2 more tee designs!!

Ok guys and gals, I got a couple more tee designs done and dusted and have added them to the 'designs in progress' bit in the menu to the right. The 'slow & low' tee is for all you teeny lupo fans and the '2nd coming' is a lil number I've done for the mk2 heroes out there.

Over the next few days I'm gonna be printing up some samples and taking some shots of them to put up on here so you can see what you'll eventually be buying. I'll update each link in the designs section as 'stuff to buy' with full details of tee sizes, colours and how you can order them very soon.

I'm currently working on a military themed mk3 tee and a caddy too so watch this space kids.

Niceness is just around the corner!

Check em out!

Ok, I've had a few meithers about people not being arsed to mooch through the blog posts to find the design work I've been doing (which is fair enough really), so I've added a 'designs in progress' section in the menu on the right. The top few designs are the basic black and whites for the DubMissile designs I'm working on getting sorted for you guys to buy and strut around in like kings and queens.

Any questions email my ass: