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Daily mobile awesomeness #07

Yep, I suck, missed two posts already. This means a heavy dose of genuine fresh awesomeness to make up for it this weekend.

For now, suck back on a portion of Shelby Cobra Daytona.

One day, Christ knows how but one day. Love this ride.

Daily mobile awesomeness #06

I know, I still owe a post for the 21st so I'll double dose on awesomeness this weekend. For now here's a crazy awesome book my boss threw on my desk the other day. Not sure what he was trying to say but still cool anyways. Straight from 1988, complete with mobile phone, BMW 3 Series and amazing women's clothing on the cover. I want in so bad.

Daily mobile awesomeness #05

You're fuckin' out!!!!! Ok, I'm late. Late with the post and late getting on the Kenny Powers bandwagon. Thanks to FX Channel I'm all over Kenny's awesome has been ass and loving it. Rocking the sweet 10-90 short long is pure gold. Oh, and I cheated cuz I downloaded him from the Google webs so it's all fucked now.

Daily mobile awesomeness #04

It's all about the good eats and good drinks at weekends. Had this today for the first time, one of my girl's presents and it's the most epic hot chocolate I think I've ever had.

Hotel Chocolat liquid chocolate caramel stylez.

Try it, you'll probably touch yourself.

Daily mobile awesomeness #03

Ha haaaa, totally genuine slice of awesomeness today. Had the bros and sisters round tonight for some good food, drink and chats for my amazing wife's late birthday get together type dealio and we cracked out the mega panettone I got at Christmas and the most awesome thing happened.

We dusted it. We put some candles on. We did a round of happy birthday...then we cut it. Aaaand it looked like a massive cock so like grown ups we squirted a pair of creamy balls on there with chocolate star pubes and tucked in.

Pure, unhinged, ferocious awesomeness.


Daily mobile awesomeness #02

My awesome wife has started to clear out our back room so it's a properly tidy space for us to work in at home. Great thing about being creative peeps is you collect loads of shit. Cool shit, but lots of it. My best mate Ben did this for me in 1998 when I was having my very late driving test. Which I failed so he dis the back afterwards. Talented dude and I still want a Shelby Cobra.

Until tomorrow y'all.

Daily mobile awesomeness #01

Mobile blogging rocks so I've set me a little project. Every day I'll post something that I think is awesome but it all has to come from the phone. Using the shitty iPhone camera and posted through my mobile blogging app. Now these posts could be a ride, some art, toys, people, anything, it doesn't really matter what just shit that I like.

So here goes the first with a little help from my Instagram app. He's one of my favourite Dunnys from our collection.

I know, fuckin awesome right?

Until tomorrow kids.

Instagram App FTMFW!!

Shiiiiit, proper loving this photo app for my iPhone, even though the phone is a piece of crap at the mo. Free download and a bit of image social networking that you can tweet from every time you upload an image.

The app has a bunch of cool presets so you can make decent shots look pretty awesome!!

Check it out, download it and follow me.


Lotus position

I'm a McLaren guy through and through. Lewis is my boy and I hope he smashes some ass this year. But, you always need a B team to follow out of interest. I wanted Lotus to do well last year nut the package just wasn't there...until now.

Check this piece of F1 hawtness out. A touch of the JPS and a sick styling has made me go a bit weird. Gonna be a killer season!!