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VR gets some love for E38!

Before and after...

Well it took some doing, in fact it took about 10 months, things take a bit longer when you're skint don't they.

So the cack OZs have finally gone to the basement to be replaced by the 17" BBS Monzas (mk5 gti) and the worn koni suspension kit made way for some sweet FK Konigsport coilovers. Nice.

We basically loaded my boot up with all the gear: shocks, adaptors (the BBS are 5x112 pcd as opposed to my 5x100 hubs), brakes and rims. As with anything to do with cars, nothing really went to plan. Removing shocks was surprisingly straightforward, but when we came to fit the turned out the so-called 288mm discs I bought were actually 280mm, which aint any use really, so that had to be scrapped. Secondly, fitting adaptors was a cinch but when we came to fit the rims it turned out that the wheel bolts I'd been driving around on where wrong. The bolts were slightly too long and the seat was too deep. None of this mattered on the old rims as they s…

VUU Cult graphic finalised

It's been a hectic week at the missile base but I managed to get one of the many jobs on the list finished. After a slightly too dark and religious looking first attempt I managed to hit the nail on head with the second design. A bit more badass and hot-rod looking which is where these guys are coming from. Expect to see the Vuu Cult crew looking totally awesome real soon.

Enjoy guys.

Dubmissile collaborates with VUU Cult

The next club targetted by the missile for a design project is the cool collective known as VUU Cult. These guys, based in the North (Leeds/Huddersfield way) are a great bunch with a certain outlook on the dub scene. Their club forum, vuucult run by Jez and Sarah is a dark but relaxed place to be with a lean towards the hot rod inspired way of dubbing.

Pay em a visit, have a good time.

Watch this space for updates of their new club graphics.