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Anaconda gets some new fangs!

As you all may know, my VR has been nick-named the Anaconda. Why? I have no idea, which is kinda why I like it. Anyways, I use her every day, clock up some heavy miles and general use and abuse her. I do treat her occasionally to some sweet hoops or a subtle mod here and there but generally she gets whipped...looked after but whipped. So it was about she had some lovin. I toyed with the idea of getting rid and getting a 4mo, but, my buddy has an R32 so I couldn't compete which would really get on my chaps...Ana stays!! My engine has high miles and smokes like a dirty nun so rather than get a few things uprated and fixed I thought it best to just buy a new engine, well, 2nd hand but way newer than what I have.

No pics as yet, but me and my man Gilly (with the R32) are going picking up the new lump today which has 45k less miles, newish clutch, sump, oil pump, stainless 6 branch and timing chains and tensioners all done around 10k ago, which sounds like an awesome lifeline to me. Thi…