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Go East!!

Well it'll be a long ass day but I'm getting to go to Moscow and watch United whupp Chelsea's asses on Wednesday.

Perks of the job eh.

I know, it's awesome aint it.

Out they go!!

Nobody hooked up at all types so all tees have gone out today so you all get the new tee batch which are better quality than the previous ones.

Last lot were good but these are a better feel.

Working on some colourways and costs to get multiple ones done rather than hand printing each tee.

All Types show this weekend.

Ok guys, I've been having a nightmare with my tee supplier the past week and a bit. They'd sent me tees with ground in dirt marks, plus they were late.

I've now changed my supplier to better quality, better shape and whiter looking tees so you get a better product for your cash.

So, apologies for any recent delays and thanks for being patient.

I'll be at the All Types show this weekend with all the recent orders, so, if you're there come and find me and I'll hook you up.

I'll be dishing out some badge packs to anyone that picks them up to make up for your postage cost, only fair right?

Thanks guys, the road to awesomeness can be a bit tricky but we;ll get there.

DubMissile on Flickr.

Well, there aint anything on there yet but the aim is to showcase my tees worn by a bunch of people, mainly at shows. So look out I might be stalking around taking pics soon. Suppose I'd better get a camera now.

If you're on Flickr then search for me (DubMissile) and add me as your pal, share some pics and you have any pics of yourself or others wearing my gear then get em up there!!

Let's be friends!

DubMissile car boot sale is on!!

Ok guys, I've had a look at what misprints and stuff I have, some are pretty much fine expect for the rear logo being a bit faded, others have slightly faded front prints but all in all not bad for the money.

So, best and fairest way to do this is first come first served on here, in this post in the comments box, that way we can see who asked for what first. Sound fair?

All tees are £8 DELIVERED!! And the ones that don't have neck labels in, will have when I send em out BUT there won't be any swing tags and pin badges with em I'm afraid.

So, here's what I got at the moment:

1976 year of the rabbit: 2x small, 2x medium.
Slow and low: 1x small (this is a good one by the way).
Wagon: 2x medium.
2nd coming: 1x medium, 2x XL.

Of course if anyone overseas want these we'll have to add another few pounds on top for the postage but still a bargain.