DubMissile car boot sale is on!!

Ok guys, I've had a look at what misprints and stuff I have, some are pretty much fine expect for the rear logo being a bit faded, others have slightly faded front prints but all in all not bad for the money.

So, best and fairest way to do this is first come first served on here, in this post in the comments box, that way we can see who asked for what first. Sound fair?

All tees are £8 DELIVERED!! And the ones that don't have neck labels in, will have when I send em out BUT there won't be any swing tags and pin badges with em I'm afraid.

So, here's what I got at the moment:

1976 year of the rabbit: 2x small, 2x medium.
Slow and low: 1x small (this is a good one by the way).
Wagon: 2x medium.
2nd coming: 1x medium, 2x XL.

Of course if anyone overseas want these we'll have to add another few pounds on top for the postage but still a bargain.


  1. I'll have one of the Small year of the rabbit tee's mate.
    Just Paypal invoice me to coolstu@hotmail.com

  2. Consider it done Stu!

    How you liking the hoops tee you bought? Any problems or owt?

  3. Yeah its nice thanks, I like that you don't use cheap thin tshirts. People do like naming the rims as I sit there trying to enjoy my beer haha so dunno what others like that you could do Keys, Steering Wheels or Grills or something...
    Anyway, haven't recieved the invoice yet, no rush just letting you know...

  4. Hey Stu, will invoice your ass now.

    I got some awesome plans at the mo, first up is a revamped hoops tee with more rims on and a little holy hoops graphic, plus I'm aiming to get it screen printed in a few different colourways on a few different colour tees (red on yellow, white on green, black on pink...etc) cash flow permitting of course.

    Watch this space!!

  5. alanwood69er@yahoo.comMay 6, 2008 at 9:15 PM

    i'll take another XL 2nd coming tee's if there's still one going

  6. Hey Al, yep, still got two with some fading in the print but good for £8.

    I've got your details from your last order, shall I request monies?

    Will post out tomorrow with Stu's.

  7. alanwood69er@yahoo.comMay 10, 2008 at 3:17 PM

    hey Al, just sent you some moneyzzz!! used the same address as last time, hope thats cool. cheers man.


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