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Woods Creative Media blog.

Well things are moving along ok in the new business, done some good work and landed some good clients, which kinda helps. If you're interested in reading about any of this caper then check out my new Woods Creative Media blog. Same kinda thing as this really, i'll be posting progress in the business, any design related stuff I think is worthy of being posted and any general bits of info that i think are interesting.

Check it: "woodscreativemedia blog"

Wooaaa, has it been that long?

Hello, yes, I am still alive, just been uber busy getting my business up and running and working my lilly white ass off, but everything will be just fine, honest.

I got some plans for the missile with the way it works. The thing is, each tee is made as per order and I've kinda realised that I'm not offering much of a custom service, so, the plan is to have a selection of different coloured tees to choose from, with a selection of colours for the prints too. That way, if you have a red mk1 and you like yellow tees, you can have a red print on a yellow tee. Simple eh?

Anyway, I've pulled the shop down for now while I get everything order, I don't wanna be taking orders when I'm too busy to sort my shiz out. If you have any suggestions feel free to fire me an email, it's good to talk.