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Rim sale!! Rim sale!!

After a big cellar clear out (which took a fistful of weekends) it's time to make some space for future... stuff. So I've decided to flog my rims. All three sets are project rims so not in any finished state but all three sets are solid, straight and have great potential.

SET 1: Genuine BBS Monzas 7.5 x 17 5x112 et51

All 4 wheels had been painted a graphite grey which looked great, but after time they took a lot of kerb rash and have been scuffed around being moved about so these need a good refurb.

All 4 tyres are toast.

Great quality solid rims that look pretty nice I think on the right car. I had these on my MK3 VR with 25mm adaptors and they looked cool. At bit different.

All have stainless valve kits.

I may even have a set of genuine VW centre caps too somewhere.

The pics look worse than they are, they're very dusty and the scuffs aren't all that bad.

Looking for £100 for these pick up only - or can meet halfway somewhere depending on distance.

SET 2: Revolution 5 s…