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Stress takin' it's toll.

Jeeez, it's half way through July and I aint even posted anything this month, not even another lame promise of new designs.

Well, some stressful news but really awesome news in the longterm...I'm leaving work to set up my own design business. Why? Well, I've been working at my place for nearly 10 years and think its about time I branched out, did some different things and made money for myself and if everything goes to plan then I'll be laughing. So, I've been a little distracted the last couple of months with figuring business shit out and trying to get my head round what my business plans are actually gonna be. Once this is sorted I'll have the time I need to put more effort into my design projects, the Missile being one of them so please be patient and save some pennies because you'll find that one day not much has changed, then the next there'll be shit loads of stuff to go at.

Wish me luck and keep you eyes peeled for new stuff very, very soon and ch…