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Woods Creative ftw!

Ok, so, things are moving on my business set-up life. Firstly I've pretty much secured a contract with work so that when i leave, I'll have a 12 month retainer which is sweet. Not many businesses get the chance of guaranteed work before they even get going, unless you're awesome at what you do, which I'd like to think I am ;-D. This makes the whole business plan and forecast piece a bit more juicy and interesting for the bank manager.

The hardest part for designers is actually coming up with your own name and brand identity. Now I love logo design, pretty much my favourite bit of graphic design for me, I actually get excited over sweet logos, but that's a whole other conversation to be had on my design blog...when i set it up. Name wise I'm settling on Woods Creative, it's my name and is pretty safe but has loads of scope for some cool touchy feeley styling. I love old fashioned print techniques, stamps, screen prints, letterpress...etc so my logo will be a …

Things are looking gooooood!!

Well, I was gonna set up a separate blog to kinda document the set-up of my business but been too busy to sort it out, so, I'll be posting up some progress on here. I know it aint new tees but at least it gives you regular vistors something new to read seeing as I'm such an exciting guy!!

Anyways, one really awesome thing is a potential contract with my current place of work which takes a huge amount of money making stress off my shoulders. The money needs a few tweaks but once we come to a nice mid ground then we can hit the big 'GO' button. Had a meeting with an accountant today too which was a good eye opener and I learned quite a bit which has taken some of the stress out of building a business plan, I'm starting to get into it now. I just need to bloody settle on a company name now and get my design style nailed.

Them I need to buy some new mac kit....good times!!!