Things are looking gooooood!!

Well, I was gonna set up a separate blog to kinda document the set-up of my business but been too busy to sort it out, so, I'll be posting up some progress on here. I know it aint new tees but at least it gives you regular vistors something new to read seeing as I'm such an exciting guy!!

Anyways, one really awesome thing is a potential contract with my current place of work which takes a huge amount of money making stress off my shoulders. The money needs a few tweaks but once we come to a nice mid ground then we can hit the big 'GO' button. Had a meeting with an accountant today too which was a good eye opener and I learned quite a bit which has taken some of the stress out of building a business plan, I'm starting to get into it now. I just need to bloody settle on a company name now and get my design style nailed.

Them I need to buy some new mac kit....good times!!!


  1. nice to hear pal, sure i can wait for new t-shirts lol
    matt volksdevil

  2. waiting for my request. already with paypal on the 20 of this month

    jorge mello


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