Woods Creative ftw!

Ok, so, things are moving on my business set-up life. Firstly I've pretty much secured a contract with work so that when i leave, I'll have a 12 month retainer which is sweet. Not many businesses get the chance of guaranteed work before they even get going, unless you're awesome at what you do, which I'd like to think I am ;-D. This makes the whole business plan and forecast piece a bit more juicy and interesting for the bank manager.

The hardest part for designers is actually coming up with your own name and brand identity. Now I love logo design, pretty much my favourite bit of graphic design for me, I actually get excited over sweet logos, but that's a whole other conversation to be had on my design blog...when i set it up. Name wise I'm settling on Woods Creative, it's my name and is pretty safe but has loads of scope for some cool touchy feeley styling. I love old fashioned print techniques, stamps, screen prints, letterpress...etc so my logo will be a nice piece of bold typography that can be applied as a block, the same how a logo would be applied but not a logo as such. The colour of it will chage when I feel like it and maybe even the type style will change. I kinda like 'Man-Made Woods' too as a company name but not sure if that's too quirky, sounds cool though eh.

Now, if you look at the sexy pic in this post you'll see some wood. WRONG!! I found me some sweet, sweet papers that are made using some crazy technique adopted form laminate flooring which means the paper, weighing in at about 120gms, looks and feels like wood. Sick eh? This is gonna look awesome with the embossed, pressed logotype on there.

Anyways, I'm getting excited which means you lot get something to read, so you'd better all support my ass or you'll die of boredom.

I'll post up more stuff when I sort out my letterpress source.


  1. I would just like to comment on mr woods lackluster performance in bed.

  2. I'll have you know that this weekend at E38 I was awesome in bed...at crying my eyes out laughing at Timmy, Arnie and I especially liked to pour one on the curb for my dead homeeeeez!! Buwaaaahhh haaa!!

    7 and a sip ftw roflcopter lolzerz 111!!!!1111

  3. Hi
    An Aqua blue VR6 on mid grey tee would be good!


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