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Big Walk Home

Ok, so I normally do all my blog posts form my iPhone. Why? Good question. I kinda like the idea that blogging as mainly about sharing the things you're doing and living day to day and the idea of being able to blog from where you are wraps up that whole deal for me. If you can't blog about it, then you can Tweet the snippets and share a few pics via Instagram, which is also awesome. That whole idea of using just yourself and one piece of kit underlines the whole living and breathing part of it, which is why I haven't done a blog post form my Mac for a long time...well, until now (hence the long waffly intro). I usually use an app called Blog Booster which I bought and has been pretty great until my recent fall out with it. I wrote this post twice over and both times it lost my writing and the image uploads, which takes a while to do. Anyway, enough of the whining, let's get to it, some heavy linking to start with but all in aid of good causes.

The Big Walk Home, or @t…

ET phone home

Sometimes you do things or see things in life that are so mind blowing you log in your mind as 'holy shit I'm super glad I was there to see that' events. Seeing The Flaming Lips play at the Jodrell Bank Live gig was one of those events.

Me and my girl @ollierocks go to lots of gigs, that's kinda our thing and we've seen a lot our favourite bands, singers or whatever, but this was just something else.

For those that don't know, Jodrell Bank is a huge ass telescope in Cheshire, England, that transmits and records sound in space and records the sounds made by planets and all sorts of amazing space stuff. Some clever people decided to stage a gig there and transmit the night into space. Cool eh? The stage itself was right next to the 3200 tonne telescope pretty much as close to it as you could get.

Now, as the might went on a few people played, Ok Go, British Sea Power to name a couple but the headliners were The Flaming Lips who we'd never seen live and heard go…