Well, well, well, this really has been a hell of a long time hasn't it. Where on God's earth have we been? Well I'll cut a long story short...ish.

I spent 4 years working as a Creative Director of a very busy and growing branding agency, which kinda took a lot of my time away, which also meant a lot of my focus so unfortunately a few things had to go on the shelf for a while. But, I did my stint, learned a lot, enjoyed every minute and have since moved on to work for a company, and a sport, that I'm insanely passionate about which has kinda re-kindled my 'fun' again.

Which means I've unchained the gates to the Missile Base, removed the dusty tarpaulin of the Missile itself and over the next few months I'm gonna start to get my house in order and bring her back to life.

Not sure what I'm gonna do yet, but I do have a bunch of cool tees to shift that I've been sat on for quite some time, plus I'll be adding some new stuff to the range to get something legit going.

The DubMissile blog and shop will be re-located to gfh-hq.com/DubMissile to combine both paintball and wheel based fun and games, which will help share the love a little, making it easier for me to work on both brands.

So, here we are again. A little older, a little wiser and a little more organised and hopefully a little more ALIVE!


Let's do werk!!

Been kinda off the boil the past couple of years or so with the whole modding caper, which can easily be seen when you look at the state of the VR. So, time to put things right.

Plans are simple. The VR is battle worn so no point spending all my dollars getting her perfect so I'm gonna have some fun.

So what's the plan? First up, get her through the MOT this week, bald tyres everywhere so I've resurrected my 15x8 Revolution hoops with silly low ET and strapped some spanking new 185/55/15 Nankang rubber on em. I love a balloon tyre so let's see how it looks when they're popped. The hoops are in a terrible state, I'm not a big polisher but i'm working on bringing the lips back to life at the moment. Rough and ready style, Autosol, tin foil and elbow grease with a look to painting the lips down the line.

The rest of the plans are simple. Breakers for parts, minimal spend and lots of manual labour. If I say too much I'll never do it and look like a bigger ass than I already do.

So, here's proof of stage 1 progress. Watch this space yo!!

Stay classy!


Edition38 2012

Okay okay, I've had a bunch of people pestering me for an Edition post for this year, apparently I got quite a few fans of last year's. I've been meaning to do one but as many of you know my day job is taking up a ton of headspace at the mo so struggling to squeeze things in. I'll hook y'all up with a post this weekend along with a million snaps I took using my professional photographer's kit of choice...iPhone4s and Instagram ;-D

Hold your horses kids, BRB.

Turning Japanese

As general car nuts, me and my boys always fire car shots about and talk shit about what we dig and it always drifts into the Jap scene (see what I did there). Scoobies, Skylines blah blah blah whatever, I do like an old school Line but for me you can't beat a MK2 CRX. Jap as fuck, cheap as fuck (apart from Vtec) and pretty nippy. Still miss my valver.

Anyway, spotted these beauties trawling the Googlenets and thought why not share the love.

Stay safe!


Whoa! Is me

My good buddy Fletch, frontman for his killer group The Sixth Letter informed me of their new album release Whoa! Is Me and I'll be honest with you...it's fucking brilliant!

Real good honest UK hip hop that is about as unaffected as you can get. The guys are all super talented without egos and are one of those bands that rock your world on CD but absolutely knock your teeth out when playing live. For me, these are the best kinds of band. Check them out all over the internets; http://www.thesixthletter.co.uk or the Facebooks http://www.Facebook.com/thesixthletter and at the mighty Twitters @thesixthletter. They also have a Big Cartel shop to buy their album from and other merch down the line.

Well worth checking out and spread the word.


Edition38 2011

Well what can I say, Edition38 this year was epic as always. Everything actually went to plan, after my door hinge breaking last year setting us back half a day and the fact I was nowhere near finishing the VR off I decided to play passenger this year for the journey down. Which was awesome!! Our buddy Bob has been working hard getting his Mk1 Cabby in order and he's done an amazing job getting her sorted...apart from the roof. This meant I had a good chance to get over my hatred of Cabbys...which I did in a BIG way resulting in me being fully in love with it at the moment. All going well I'll be buying it in the new year.

On to the journey. No real spills but blasting down the motorway with the roof down in some old skool cool was real good fun, plus I got to snap a ton of pics with the 3G, all of which are at the end of this waffle.

I've been a crazy busy guy this past two years with my new job which has seriously affected my chance of going to meets an shows, but there was an inside to this. We usually go around the showfield with a 'seen it before' attitude but this year all the rides were funky fressssssh and we fully enjoyed the metal there. Plus, when you realise how hard it is to do small jobs on your own car you start to fully appreciate the graft the big boys put into theirs. Fair play guys and gals.

Me and my boy @flip316 (Instgram) met up with an instagram buddy @st4rk3y who turned out to be a full blown legend, all round decent bloke with a crazy sick ride, really sick. Always nice to meet Internet dudes who turn out to be genuinely cool and like a natter. His red A4 won big and deservedly so, soooooo much effort and detail gone into it and it all paid off huge. Big props brother man! One of my show favourites.

Another of my favourites was Carl's stellar bright orange RS4 rocking crazy Rotiforms, clean styling without the try hard approach of previous cars. In fact this was the one I'd be more inclined to steal. Epic!

Rotiforms pretty much had Edition locked down on the rim front and even had a chat with Brian himself who seems pretty happy with how things are going for him...and why wouldn't the be right? I think Rotiform and Compomotive need to join forces to build some heroic hoops.

Was great to finally have a good chat with Elliott from PVW and Wheel Whores plus it was cool to chat with some guys who bought the VIP hoops tee I did for Wheel Whores. Good times!

The best part of Edition was spending some decent time with my boys. Eating, drinking (lots) and giving eachother shit all weekend is what it's all about. It was cool to see the bucket2 makes her maiden voyage rocking her sweet blue X5 winters, the boy put sone heavy werk into that thing. Have a look at my many many snaps, if you're an Instagram hater then tough cuz I love it. If you love em then hunt me down on Instagram.

Until next year y0!

Old skool gaming FTW!!

Ok so this is actually a sneaky test post to see if the new Blogger app is any good.

That aside, our beloved Gaybours (yes, that's our gay neighbours) are moving out so threw loads of stuff out...including this beauty. So I snagged it, cleaned it up and now we're ready to rock!!