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Random amazing-ness!!

So, I'm working away today and I look out the window. Hmmm, that's an expensive Rolls Royce I say, a few of us start to look outside wondering who's it is then BAMMMM!! Out pops Jimmy Saville!! Not sure the international viewers on here will know much about him but he's a kitsch legend from us thirty something's childhoods and did a TV show called Jim'll Fix It back in the 80's.Aanyway, that aside, I couldn't let him hang around without getting a pic now could I?

Now then now then, here he is boys and girls, jewellery jewellery!!


PVW come through again!!

Bit late with the post on this I'm afraid, sorry guys, since my phone bust I lost pics and I've been a bit busy to sort out more snaps. But my new phone is in the house and mobile shit pic technology is now in full force.

Right, so, not only is this issue awesome, with some seriously sick rides but I got me a full page ad/competition in there now!!

There are a few different colour tees in the competition, which I don't sell on here yet but by the time the competition results are announced there will be more options available.

Cheers guys!!

Good luck!!

DubMissile car boot sale!?

Ok guys, not sure if everyone likes this as an idea but...

All the tees are hand done, initially hand drawn designs, hand stitched labels, hand cut transfers and hand printed so there tends to be a few mistakes here and there when getting things right. I have a bunch of tees that haven't printed perfectly that are a bit light in some places, have gone distressed a bit or whatever. So, I was gonna get a list of what I have and sell em off at a discounted rate, saves them sitting there doing nothing. Some will be better than others, some may even be fine but a practice run of a certain style/colour tee that I aint happy with, but still a bargain nonetheless.

So, carboot sale stuff, £8 delivered sound good?

Gimme some feedback and I'll see what I got.

New tees up!!

Right then, 2 new designs are up and running, they took a while seeing as the vr6 lump tee has been in PVW for about a week. Anyways, the lump tee took me bloody ages to draw up, all line art done by hand based on a cut away airbrushed diagram that has been around for a while. Looks pretty cool as line art if I do say so myself.

The rado tee is one of my current favourites at the mo, really simple and bold to sit with the rest of the range but kinda jumps out at you.

Hope you dig em, if you do, feel free to stroll over to the shop and blow some of your hard earned.

Next up, rocco, polo and a bit of a mixed bag tee which is gonna look awesome. Watch this space kids.

Ship em out!!

Had more updates to put up this weekend but my bastard phone bust on me which meant I lost some pics I took for you guys. Sony Ericsson need to step up their game. SO, these updates will follow shortly.

Good news though, got my new transfer papers last week so all you guys waiting for some awesomeness in the post need wait no more, they're out there in the arms of mr delivery man, wingin their way to your doors.


Crappy service provider email crap!!

Ok guys, I'm having some problems with my service provider for which means I can't access my email addy. Bastard arseholes!! I'm working on getting the account migrated over to somewhere else that is easier to use and actually works as it should, but for now if you wanna say howdy, questions something, give input or complain then email me here:

I'll get this sorted asap so we can all feel special again.

Thanks guys.

Hmm, front or back?

I hate this, having to make decisions really sucks sometimes. I've done a sweet lil' Rado tee for the coupé lovers out there but to be honest, I'm a bit stuck choosing between the two designs. They're essentially the same but with a different angle drawing on there. Should I go frontside, backside or should I do both?

Answers on a postcard to.....


I've been hooking up with my bretheren Fletch a lot recently to chat about stuff and sort him out with some missile shiz (see grenade below) and something we decided to do was sort him out with a blog. This way he can keep everyone up to date with what goes on in the mega world of the talent that is Fletch. His music rocks, if you're into a serious mix of everything hip hop then you'll really dig his steez.

The blog is a bit bare at the mo as we only got it reet today but have a look and boost the hit count, maybe he'll get as many as me one day!! BUWAAAHHH HAAA!!


Mr. Fletcher to you.

Been a while this one but my good buddy Fletch, hip hop meister extraordinairre (see links in the buddys list) is a patient man and now, he has a lil' DubMissile love. Based on one of his awesome tracks 'Take a Risk' I created a little logo-esque graphic to throw around as he pleases. There are a couple of tweaks to sort out but expect to hear heaps from Fletch this year and there may even be some DubMissile/Fletch merchandise in the pipeline. Give him a listen, properly talented guy.

Doing this graphic inspired me into a new tee design too so in the next couple of weeks (gonna take a while this one) expect a sick tee with more dubs than you can shake a stick at and some cool drippy paint style goin on. The Rocco and Rado individual ones will be here first though to join the current range.

Busy, busy, busy.


Sorry, couldn't resist this one. As a designer I'm always looking at stuff that turns me on from a visual perspective and I love logos and packaging. Now, the other week me and the girl were in Hobby Craft in Bolton looking for some craftyness and I came (sorry) across this AWESOME packaging for pencil sharpeners.

Childish? Yes. Brilliant? Yes!

Who says the Germans don't have a sense of humour.