Mr. Fletcher to you.

Been a while this one but my good buddy Fletch, hip hop meister extraordinairre (see links in the buddys list) is a patient man and now, he has a lil' DubMissile love. Based on one of his awesome tracks 'Take a Risk' I created a little logo-esque graphic to throw around as he pleases. There are a couple of tweaks to sort out but expect to hear heaps from Fletch this year and there may even be some DubMissile/Fletch merchandise in the pipeline. Give him a listen, properly talented guy.

Doing this graphic inspired me into a new tee design too so in the next couple of weeks (gonna take a while this one) expect a sick tee with more dubs than you can shake a stick at and some cool drippy paint style goin on. The Rocco and Rado individual ones will be here first though to join the current range.

Busy, busy, busy.


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