PVW come through again!!

Bit late with the post on this I'm afraid, sorry guys, since my phone bust I lost pics and I've been a bit busy to sort out more snaps. But my new phone is in the house and mobile shit pic technology is now in full force.

Right, so, not only is this issue awesome, with some seriously sick rides but I got me a full page ad/competition in there now!!

There are a few different colour tees in the competition, which I don't sell on here yet but by the time the competition results are announced there will be more options available.

Cheers guys!!

Good luck!!


  1. You've really got an in over at PVW, eh? That is great, Al. Congrats on scoring this ad. Must have set you back a bit. Love to see DubMissile hitting the mainstream like this. Good work. :)

  2. Cheers Mike.

    I'm still working at it all, sooooo many plans to get some great stuff done just struggling with time and cash flow constraints.

    Rome wasn't built in a day eh?!

    I'm aiming to have some serious stuff up and runing over the summer months...if we get one this year ;-D

    PVW are great guys, they're open to anything, if you give they'll help.


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