Hmm, front or back?

I hate this, having to make decisions really sucks sometimes. I've done a sweet lil' Rado tee for the coupé lovers out there but to be honest, I'm a bit stuck choosing between the two designs. They're essentially the same but with a different angle drawing on there. Should I go frontside, backside or should I do both?

Answers on a postcard to.....


  1. The front is more memorable, plus it seems to fit better with the text. However, there is something unmistakably sexy about the Corrado rear.

    I say stick to the front for now. :)

  2. both i cant choose lol :)
    matt volksdevil

  3. Cheers guys, really helps having a bit of input!!

    Matt, you're just a whore anyways ;-p

    I think I'll go with the front one for now, keep it simple.

    Oh, by the way Matt, your tee will be in the post in the next day or two, just had small delay waiting for new print stuff to arrive.

    Mike, I'll get yours sorted early next week, just gotta wait for my chicks tee samples to show before I push the button on the girly girls range.

  4. Both, front- Rado coming at you and the Rado rear print on the back of the shirt. - Bill

    Bty, do you ship to the US?


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