Sew hard

I know, another terrible bit of word association, thing is I'm sitting here watching biker build off and cage rage with a few vodkas and remembered I had this to show you. The whole DubMissile thing is to be designed, printed, put together, funded and marketed entirely by myself, which gets tricky when you have a bunch of labels that need sewing into t-shirts and have never used a sewing machine before. Luckily for me my girl has done fashion in the past so knows how to roll with a sewing machine, so the lessons began the other night and I never thought it'd be so damn hard to sew a small square label into a tee. Anyhow, I'm getting there so when the first batch is printed up I'll have labels sewn in which won't look like a blind pissed guy with no arms has done it.

I'm no doctor but you can trust me.


  1. Wow! That's some effort doing all the sewing yourself! Definitely gives it that personal touch haha. Well done mate.

  2. Keep up the good work. Its great to see that you are doing EVERYTHING yourself. It really gives you a sense of ownership.


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