Heavyweight contender.

Another addition to the DubMissile family is the mk3 heavyweight tee. Pic is a bit crappy but the design is reet so go vist the shop and make yourself look nice for the ladies.

Also, the Six Shooter detail is a small back neck print for the back of any tee if your ride is vr powered. So, got a mk2? Then buy a 2nd coming tee and if your mk2 has 6 dirty pots under the bonnet then add the six shooter to your tee to be that extra bit special.

Planning on doing a few more extra graphics for different lumps so you can customize your tee a bit.

Right, gotta finish the Rocco and Rado tees now.

Later y'all!!


  1. can we get a G60 one al?
    matt volksdevil

  2. Cheeky SOB, course you can chief!!

    I'm working on g60/g40 (maybe the same thing 'g-lader') 20vt and maybe a disiesel one too.

    Thought it might be a cool little addition.

    Gonna add volksdevil to the links list too Matt.

  3. im sure niel will post a proper link on there up for as well pal if you ask :)

  4. Oh damn... I gotta buy some off you soon Al...

  5. still making these?


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