The VR plans are looking up.

Well she's been sitting high on her OZ Volcano stand-ins for a while now, just waiting for me to get enough cash to finish off the rim plans...and now, we're nearly there.

17" Monzas repainted in graphite, 20mm ProjektZwo 5x100-5x112 adaptors and a set of heavily treaded 205/40/17 Yoko rubber all waiting to be hooked up with a new set of VW valves this week (£11 a piece...ouch!!).

Also got an almost new set of fully adjustable FK Konigsport coilovers wiating in the wings to complete the rims and stance, bit of nose down badass action. Should be the only mk3 on mk5 gti rims that I know of, all going well she should look sweet.

Also gonna replace the front splitter (coz I kinda bust it up) and sill strips, all to be colour coded to match the rest of the trim.

Aiming to be sweet by E38, watch this space.


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